Have you had any vaping-related dreams?

Last night I dreamt that I vented a battery - the mod exploded. Apparently there was a faulty connection at the 510-connection, so I tried to screw the atty off while it was firing, and getting hotter. I couldn’t, so I threw it and seconds after it blew. Black thick smoke, small flames. I wasn’t hurt or anything.

I remember thinking that it was a shame, and now I had to buy some new batteries, mod and a Derringer?!

Weird dream.


That sure is weird! I personally never had vape related dreams. Yet.

Do you have a Derringer? If not, well there you go, you will keep having bad vaping nightmares until you get your Derringer! Feed the need!!!

…just my arm chair psychoanalytical theory.

Not using Chantix are you? Wellbutrin? I tried that crap once and boy howdy did I have some weird dreams. Nothing vaping related though…and if I did I can only imagine I’d be floating on some kind of strawberry flavored cloud :smile:

I have a Derringer :slight_smile: And I like it very much! :slight_smile:

hahah no, I don’t need that stuff when I got e-cigs :smiley:

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Had a dream the other night that I was chain vaping and fogging it up on my IPV2S with the Mutation X and all of a sudden there was a loud banging at my front door. I ran to the door via the living room. As I was cutting through the living room I could see flashing red lights through the window blinds. With mod in hand, I opened the front door and there was the Fire Chief on my porch and a bunch of firemen in my front yard looking up at my roof. He said they got a call from a neighbor saying they saw smoke coming from my roof gables. I told him I was just vaping a new DIY flavor I made and before I could say another word, he snatched my setup out of my hand and said “Damn Son! What kinda build do you have in this thing?” I started to tell him but before I could, he put it to his lips, mashed the firing button and proceeded to take a full on 10 mississippi deep azz hit! He then attempted to exhale and went into a serious coughing fit, started acting spastic, talking gibberish and then fell out in my front yard, motionless, with a G.I. Joe Kung Fu Death-Grip on my Mod! Even while the rest of his partners were trying to resuscitate him, all I could think to do was to snatch my hardware out of his hand.

. . . . . . . . . then I woke up


That is both scary and hilarious :smiley:


Omg I’m not alone… I am supposedly making a recipe in my dreams my fiancé says I say things like … Nope needs more cream or peanut butter or whatever flavor I was trying to nail down prior to going to bed that night. lol


I had another vape dream last night. I told my fiancé when he was attempting to wake me up in the am that I was too busy to leave me alone I have too many flavor profiles I’m working with right now. He said what ? I said ( supposedly) I’m busy I have too many flavor a on my index card ?? Idk what that means most of been writing flavors down in my sleep ? Bizarre


We should try the app Sleep Talk Recorder ;D Maybe we’re gonna come up with an amazing recipe ;D


@EasyVaper That’s great … I wanna dream like that!


I’m currently suffering with OCBD,

Obsessive coil building Disorder.

I find myself day dreaming at work about builds I’m going to try or wires I’m going to make.

I’m awake until nearly 2am most days and awake by 7am.
My dreams are scattered with coil graveyards everywhere, bent and misshaped Kanthal and 317 litter the ground that I walk on in my dreams.

I finally fire and tighten a beautiful coil that’s 0.2ohms and just before tasting my creation I wake up.

I think I need help lol.

Only joking guys.



That is a bit like a dream I’ve had recently. My iStick was just heating up for some reason and kept getting hotter and hotter. I threw it into the garden but woke up before there was an explosion.
I am kind of paranoid sometimes when using my iStick that it will explode while it’s in my mouth even though it has safety build in. No mechMods for me, I’m too scared. It is kinda weird though cause I don’t have that using an electric toothbrush and there is water in the mix with those things.