Have Your Say Before It’s Too Late (New Proposals For British Vaping Laws)

The British government are proposing new laws to protect youths from underage vaping but they are also giving the general public a chance to have their say. The proposals include flavour bans and increasing taxes that will raise the price on all vaping products in the U.K. amongst other measures that will harm vapers and put off genuine adults trying to quit smoking cigarettes.
I have just filed in the survey which I must admit is a bit long but it’s worth doing and I made sure to drive it home to them that most underage vapers are using disposable vapes which seems to be the biggest cause of the problem.
Edit: so long as you don’t close the form on your browser you can leave it to do other things until you are ready to return to it and your input will be saved.


If the British Government is anything like the Australian Government they won’t take a blind bit of notice of any survey results that don’t mirror their predetermined outcome.
All ours ever seem to do is cherry pick the comments they want to work off and publish the results, completely ignoring all others.
However the British Government do appear to be an awful lot more accepting of vaping in general and it could be genuine to a point.
I don’t want school kids vaping but kids don’t change and will find a way to obtain cigarettes and/or black market vapes/liquid made from who knows what in less than perfect laboratory conditions. Truth is all government’s miss the tax generated from combustible tobacco and are looking for ways to recoup it. Hopefully the British Government don’t follow our backward ‘leaders’.


Sorry to hear about this. I always thought the British government and health care system were more on board with vaping as a harm reduction strategy to get folks off cigarettes. Not sure what your laws are like, but I am a huge believer in enforcing laws that keep tobacco and vape products out of the hands of minor rather than take options away from adults who are using vaping to stop smoking.


@Gazza7 you have made some valid points about governments not taking a blind bit of notice about what the general public thinks but also similar to what you said, the British government has been backing vaping more than any other country in the world and they have done a great deal of research with The Royal College of Physicians which has shown that vaping has been the most successful and effective way of stopping smoking and up to 95% safer than cigarette smoking so it would be very foolish of them if they were to put too many restrictions on vaping products. I think they may ban disposable vapes which in my opinion is what started all of this mess in the first place and to be perfectly honest with you I hope they do.


@Cary1 I totally agree with you and the laws have been in place for a good while now, unfortunately though they haven’t been enforced properly and unscrupulous shop owners/employees and certain petrol station staff have been getting away with selling disposable vapes to underaged children, some shops even have them on display on the counter by the sweets and confectionary which is pretty blatant in what they are trying to achieve.


100% agree and although Australias stance on vaping has always been vastly different than the UK it was disposables that fueled a lot of our latest ‘shock and horror stories’.
I could see disposables having a place but their very simplicity is what makes them so attractive to kids. A lot of adults also find this fact attractive but I can understand the need to ban them. Problem is,as we’re all aware, outlawing them won’t stop anyone (kids included) getting hold of them and unfortunately a lot that will be sold could very possibly have any number of unknown and potentially dangerous ingredients.

Again all I keep thinking is sensible laws are the only way forward, not the demonising of responsible law abiding adults who simply want to stop or not return to smoking.


I filled in all this survey too, and let them know exactly what I thought about taking my dessert flavours away, as a 60+ year-old seasoned vaper. Banning disposables or, wow, actually enforcing current legislation would make a big difference to what seems to be a true problem with kids vaping - and vaping way too much nicotine in some illegal disposables. But confusing that with limiting flavours to menthol and tobacco, what ignorant uninformed trash.


Exactly @Steph_Abbs :+1:t3: