Having trouble with a flavour

I’m having trouble when making lemonade type flavours such as pink lemonade, been sitting now for over 2 weeks + & still cloudy,
Greatful for the advice :grin:


Some juices can be cloudy, colored, milky etc. Question is, how does it taste?

List the flavors brand/manufacturer you’re using and the percentage you’re using it at. As well as nicotine content, pg/VG ratio and whatever else could be the problem you’re trying too solve :wink:

Like is it cloudy after mixing, 3-7 days in, when put in tanks, if stored in plastic/glass…


As eStorm said some juices will be cloudy. I have a mix that sometimes ends up being cloudy and other times it isnt, i have no idea why and it bothers the heck out of me.


The first batch of 500ml came out fine, but the second was exactly the same but cloudy

I’m using a 80/20 mix with 2mg of 72ml nic

Lemon Sicily DA @ 0.80
Lemonade FW @ 6.0
Raspberry (sweet) FA @ 2.0
Strawberry (ripe) FA @ 1.0

I transferred some into a 50ml bottle but still cloudy after filling a tank full,


(FW) lemonade and (TFA) raspberry - sweet or (TFA) strawberry (ripe) can make juices look cloudy. (FA = flavor art don’t have a strawberry ripe or sweet raspberry, so I assume its tfa but bottles marked as Flavor Apprentice. Some companies do that)

The reason I asked how it tastes is that flavoring can get bad and create a greyish cloud as well, but it will taste differently or is fully unsatisfying.

If yours is still the same taste, little things can have caused it as well, besides the flavoring. A tiny drop too much in comparison to the older mix. Overall size was less prior and not noticeable. A degree colder/warmer in the place you’re storing it at. Washed the bottle and didn’t let it dry. Washed it in the dishwasher and might be detergent residue. Washed it a while ago but didn’t place it with the neck down, small dust particles can create it. Used different glass/plastic bottle. Longer/shorter steep time. Different vendor you got the flavoring from. And so on.

Its not big of a deal really unless you selling it or have extreme ocd, like I do lol. I wouldn’t worry much about it unless its horrible tasting, but I’d keep an eye on it next time I mix it.


That is a very good write up you have done & explains alot,
I believe I did wash the bottle but with only warm water & dried with the neck down but may of had a different flavour in before,
The vendor is the same but they have used different bottles than usual,
I have planned on using the same bottle when making them so next time I with use a clean bottle & see if there is anything difference,
But other than that it does tastes the same, maybe il just see how it goes after another week steeping


I use Fa for Flavor Apprentice
FA for Flavourart

To avoid confusion most use TFA (The Flavor Apprentice) or TPA (The Perfume Apprentice) both the same company.