Hazel Groove (FA) vs. Hazelnut (FA)

Is Hazel Groove (FA), the same like Haselnut (FA)?

Yes I believe so.

Yes. Two different names for the same thing. Gotta love FA. :stuck_out_tongue: On their main (American?) site, flavourart.com, it is listed as Hazel Grove (Hazelnut). I’m guessing the UK site, flavourart.co.uk, just lists Hazelnut. That’s been my experience with most FA flavors anyway. The ELR database uses the .com names.


Well it’s a good thing I don’t like Hazelnut.:smile:

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Just this weekend I ran across the variation on USA based vendor sites, so I assumed it was the same. Definitely nice to have your confirmation though! Thanks for speaking up!

@Zugmaschine good question! Ty for asking as I kinda assumed it was the same, but still had the question nagging me internally.