HCigar VT75C Battery Warning

HCigar has just released a notice regarding a potential problem with the 75C when using 26650 batteries that are too long. You can see the notice for yourself here: https://imgur.com/a/aK2q0

Basically the nuts and bolts of the notice is this: Due to discrepancies of cell length, some 26650 batteries are too long for the 75C, causing a piece in the battery compartment to deform and could potentially short the cell. HCigar suggests switching over to using 18650 batteries, with the Sony VTC5 as their suggested 18650 battery.

Mooch (AKA Battery God) had originally suggested some certain 26650 batteries but has now rescinded that original suggestion and recommends not using the VT75C AT ALL. Until HCigar figures out a fix for current owners and new products. You can see his post on /r/ ecr HERE:

Let’s stay safe out there.

BONUS READ: https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/68961-vtc-75c-warning/


I have a question… it’s a common sense question. Why is it that any manufacturer who builds a defective product in the U.S. is forced to recall at great expense anything that could potentially cause injury while the Chinese seem to be exempt from having to recall any of these bad mods?


@Maureeenie @paingawd Is this a clear case of a defective mod, OR non-standard 26650 battery lengths ? I’ve never used that battery, and had assumed batteries were the length they were, but apparently the 26650 market is a free for all ??

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I’m not quite sure why there’s such a discrepancy in the overall length of the 26650. The length is right in the damn cell name, fer’cryin out loud! (26650=26 mm diameter, 65 mm length, 0 for round shape in case you ever wondered how they came up with the moniker 26650. Same applies to 18650’s/18500’s/18350’s etc, etc)

Looking at Mooch’s write up, I’m deducing it’s a combination of two problems:

  1. Variances in length of the 26650 cell between manufacturers
  2. Poor construction/material selection on HCigar’s end. If you look at the picture posted on Evolv’s forum You can clearly see some melting has occurred on the mod’s positive pin insulator. Poor material selection, that.

Reading in the /r/ecr post, another owner of the VT75C stated that he was having some serious heat issues with his device while using an 18650. Apparently, the battery cap of his device was getting scalding hot while he was using the 75C. Rather than stop using the device, he simply reseated the same battery and it stopped heating up. I haven’t gone back to read if more owners were reporting the same, but that little tidbit tells me two things:

  1. Guy is a bit carefree when it comes to vaping safely(If my mod got that hot, I would be REALLY hesitant to continue using it!)
  2. That top insulator ring is rubbish.

It’s really a shame. The all-black version of the 75C was finally starting to look like a funky little mod that would be right at home in my stable. Yet another reason to save the pennies for a WhiteRose Mod, eh?


Honestly? Because companies in China are exempt from our legal system. Companies like Toyota, Honda, Kia and all those others have to adhere to some fairly strict regulations in order to sell their wares here in the States. If you look at the same vehicles in other countries, they don’t have all the fancy safety gear. Hell-you can buy a bare-bones Toyota Hilux in just about every second or third world country(The Hilux is damn near bullet-proof, but doesn’t have all of the emissions gear choking the motor or airbags to protect the passengers) Those companies also have headquarters in our borders, so they have to play by our regulations.

This is one area that I think regulations might actually be a GOOD idea. Better yet, if every Tom, Dick, and Harriet would stop blowing their fiscal wad at these companies when they release a new mod, or stop buying said items when bugs are found(Looking at you, SMOK and Wismec!) maybe these companies would realize that we want Quality. not 1.21 gigawatts and clouds that could shroud half of Manhattan in a fug of Strawberry Cream.

There’s a few other arguments to be made in this topic, but my hands are killing me so it’s time to let fingers rest and hope that the pins and needles will dissipate from my aching booger hooks.


These measurements are never exact. If you look at the manufacturers dimensions will find some are longer or shorter and some are wider depending on the manufacturer and rating . It is good to be aware of this when buying batteries for certain mods. Example: the Therion likes a shorter battery so 30Qs work well in it. So when tweeking buying batteries for fit its imperative to have a trusted source for authentics because you dont know what you will get with rewrapped batteries.