Head to Head battle! (Samsung 25r vs Tesiyi)

This video was made by KCV(Kill Cloud Vape). In sbu ohm vaping, Samsung 25R get warm,Tesiyi still cool !


I see you found your way over here, Jeremy, hehe.


I was just getting ready to post all the information from the reddit threads, now i dont have to.

So family, Mooch tested these batts and found them to be a decent 25a batt. Here is the info from his tests. These guys seem to be very willing to work with the community and have said they would change the wrap to indicate 25/40a specs.

They have been posted some information to reddit over the last couple days and i was going to post it here but i was beaten to the punch by Jeremy.

EDIT TO ADD: This does not mean Mooch recommends them, these are simply his tests results. As always he is concerned when specs arent properly labeled.

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Thank you for posting the video , it is refreshing to see a company that is willing to work with the community.I am also glad you are willing to change the wraps to the actual specs.With all the fakes and outrageous claims by some peeps I am amazed we don’t see and hear about more battery failures.
I am sure more than me would happily try and support a company who is willing to work with the community.