Heat vape mini invader

Has anyone used this mod ? I am curious as to whether it is truly " waterproof " I am just starting to learn to row and go out on our kayak and well you see where this is going … Any thoughts ?

We even have a review by @SirRisc :smile:


Totally forgot. Thanks daath I bookmarked it !

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Aww, how can you forget about me? :wink:

The Invader should be fairly safe to take along on kayaking trips.
It’s waterproof to around 1m depth and it’ll laugh at splashes of water, it really can take a serious beating.
With that in mind, the atomizer you put on it will still be the weak spot.

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Suppose the livewell will have to have some tanks in it Until we catch fish lol

just got my wife a dovpo mini it’s supposed to be the same as the heatvape (for the beach ) …I’ll let you know if it’s indestructible??? she’s the real test

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Please do ! My fiancé drops everything thing so I’m just waiting for him to drop his in the water. I know it’ll happen to one of us. But he is more likely not that I’m not clumsy :smirk:

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