Heated ultrasonic cleaner suggestion

I’ve been looking into ultrasonic cleaners for my juice but want one with the optional heat function and a longer timer then 3 minutes. I seen the one for $75 at harbor freight, plus their 25% coupon they always have it wouldn’t be too bad. Seen a couple on Amazon too. But want to know what one people are using that works and is less then around $80. And go…

Better, Worst, Don’t know but I do know you can get a few different heated Ultrasonics with heat with free ship on Ebay usually between $60-$70. I seen a few that appeared quite nice. Won’t hurt to look there as well…

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Thanks I’ll give it a look

I just use the smaller one from harbor freight yes the 3 minute timer drove me insane when I’d first purchased it but really I sit it at my work station while I’m mixing and just hit the start button every 3-5 mins and it works like a charm and inexpensive. It does warm up quite well and you can start with some like warm water when you begin. But I did see on reddit I believe it was the is a thread regarding ultrasonic cleaners. They can get really expensive and huge in size good luck !

I was looking into these as well but get lost because there are so many to chose from and I’d really like to know if they are worth buying or are merely a small convenience and not worth the cost.
What if I threw in a half dozen ultrasonic disposable tooth brushes into a glass of water? Or attached the pads to my unused muscle stimulator thing to a tin can? Hmmm…(My wife gets a kick out of my “experiments”)