Heating process

hello people!

just about to buy some equipment for making better DIY’s… i don’t know how this thing called in english - you put your jar on this machine and it heats and mixes at the same time, have seen it in the store where chemists buy their equipment … anyone had dealed with something like that here for sure … any good?

  1. which temperature is good for “hot bath”?

  2. are there flavors that are destroyed by heating process?

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Mabey this thread might help you.


It would either be a heated mixing plate or What if refered to as an ultrasonic cleaner.

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It is called a heat and stir plate and I have been using one for 6 months and would not mix any other way…

I use a “Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer” daily. I have been told as long as you stay below 125 F degrees flavors should not dissipate. I have mixed quite a few batches that way and it has created some killer juice that normally would have to steep a long time. I have since gone back to a more natural method of steeping, but I still heat my mixes on the stirrer. I stay below 100 F degrees now. It helps the stir bar spin more freely.

So here is my suggestion… Mix a recipe at 120 F degrees and mix another at 100 F degrees and let them both steep. Go back and try them and see for yourself which you prefer. When mixing with heat, cap off your container as best you can. I use a rubber glove and cut off a finger to wrap over the container if I am using my Erlenmeyer flasks. I am not sure how I am going to achieve this when my 600ml beaker arrives. I guess I will use a whole glove lol.


As in no heat and just time? [quote=“LordVapor, post:5, topic:47396”]
I have since gone back to a more natural method of steeping

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I still apply heat. Just at lower temperatures. I heat to less than 100 degrees just to get the liquid thinned for stirring. But I will probably still on occasion crank it up to 125 degrees to produce a juice quickly. I have a customer that orders for himself, his mother, and 5 other people all at the same time. So I have been mixing frantically all weekend trying to come up with 6 steeped recipes. The heat goes up in these situations. And the customer is made clear these may not be 100% steeped, and he knows he’s not getting my best liquids.

That being said, I have heated to 125 degrees and have let recipes stir for 4 to 5 hours at that temperature and they have came off the stirrer tasting fantastic. Especially custards.

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I too add heat atm to help with the blending process, helps them meld together better, but keep temps lower 50-80f. Does the higher temp 125f not affect your nic?
I prefer to build up a little and often supply, that being said I don’t sell that much. Half a dozen friends, but because I’ve told them the benefit’s of time, they tend to pick the steeped ones. Lol. I’ve done a cpl of make to order and 2 of them taking it that day but they’ve all been made aware of the benefits of steaping.

I add the nic when the customer orders the juice.

@bradslinux on here uses a stirrer and he told me he stays below 125 degrees. I had done that for a dozen mixes or so and I never noticed a loss of flavor. But most of those were new recipes. All I really know is, my recipes were turning an amber color after 4 hours and they were great right off the stirrer. But since then, I have vaped some of my 2 month old naturally steeped Unicorn Milk and the flavor is very smooth, very creamy, and is very tasty. It is the best Unicorn Milk I have ever vaped.

So I got the impression natural steeping may be better. I haven’t mixed Unicorn Milk at 125 degrees to see how it comes off to compare. But I guess I need to do that. I need more of it anyway. But today I have a few other recipes that need to be on the stirrer. So I guess I better get busy :wink:

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I do, but I usually don’t keep it at temp for prolonged times. I mostly use it to get a very thorough mix. It usually takes my stir plate between 30-45 mins to hit temp, when it does, I kill the heat and let it cool while stirring. Then bottle it. IMHO and experiences, nothing replaces natural aging for bringing the potential out of a mix. I also agree, the 2 month old CWS version of UM I have is terrific.

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Oh ok. I have read where people put their juice in the crock pot for a few hours on low. I have also read where people leave bottles in their car in the summer time. So I was going by the same theory that extended heating must work. And I must admit, the Banerry Custard I made was phenomenal right off the stirrer after a 4 hour heat and stir. I made 250ml of it and my customers have cleaned me out. So I mixed 16oz this weekend and I only heated it to 100 degrees and stirred for a couple hours. It is nowhere near as good without the extra heat. The color didn’t change much at all. But I know in a month or two it will be really good.

So I have come to the conclusion that heat is OK if you need a juice ready to vape quickly. But I am leaning toward the natural steeping is better in the end. Being that I am new to custards, I don’t have much to base this on except my first large mix was the 2 month old Unicorn Milk I have. I guess I will know in a month because 16oz of Banerry Custard should last a good while. Then I will have a recipe that I have made both ways to compare.

What is bad is, after making 16oz two days ago, I am now making another batch that is going to stir for 4 hours at 120 degrees to fill some more orders. Because I know I can’t sell them the unsteeped juice and expect them to want it again after trying the first batch I made using the heat.

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Heat is totally ok. Just not to hot. Some people recommend 150 water temp 2-4 hours in the crock pot. I typically do 125 after I mixed new recipes and heat for about an hour then use a sawzall to shake up the liquids. To me it gives my liquids a slight jump start but not too much. That way when they sit for 1-2 weeks they are ready. My custards I try to wait to they 2-3 week mark. My banana custard I’m vaping I made 12/28 and is just fantastic. I could have vaped it sooner, but I was 'nana’ed out for alittle while cuz I went through 30mls in two days while in Vegas.

I just mixed up another batch of my Snicker Doodle and I heated it to 100 degrees and let it heat and stir all night. It tastes just like the first time I mixed it.

hey :slightly_smiling:

which version of the Unicorn Milk recipe you prefer?

I have only mixed cutwood spy’s version. It’s perfect.

I try to keep mine at around 91 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit and only for 20 to 25 minutes max.

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What are your thoughts about flavor with nic in the hot steep vs mixing in nic after hotsteep?

Bonus song for all the hot-steepers.
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