Heaven Gifts 11th Anniversary Massive Contest: Advken Special--9/27

The year 2018 is our 11th year since when we are found. It is our 3rd time doing this online celebration. Heaven Gifts Anniversary is not only a ritual that celebrates the progress we made, moreover, it is a vaping feast that returns the supports and favor our clients, partners, community members have done for Heaven Gifts.

Unlike previous year celebration, we’re doing a bit different. For the next coming days, we divide the massive contest into a few parts. Each part differs from others. We hope and wish all of you people enjoy this once a year online e-cigarette carnival.

Today’s part is about Advken, we plan to give away some products from Advken below as prizes:

  1. Advken MANTA Tank
  2. Advken Breath RDA & Advken Doctor Coil Organic Cotton
  3. US$ 50 Heaven Gifts Gift Card

However, you have to “earn” them with your entries. To enter:

Please comment anything relate to “Vaping” or "Advken"

When the number of entries reaches 40, we give away 1 x Advken MANTA Tank
When the number of entries reaches 80, we give away 1 x Advken MANTA Tank & 1x (Advken Breath RDA & Advken Doctor Coil Organic Cotton)
When the number of entries reaches 120, we give away 1 x Advken MANTA Tank & 1x (Advken Breath RDA , Advken Doctor Coil Organic Cotton) & 1 x US$ 50 Heaven Gifts Gift Card

1.We will pick the lucky winners via random.org on September 27, 2018 .
2.Each participant can post 5 times at most; number your entry, for instance: #Post 1

------------------Special Thanks to Advken------------------

Advken is well-known for their spiritual culture: blending different ideas and expanding positive thinking. The name Advken is inspired by a couple named Vicky and Andy who believed in their dreams. The company is dedicated to transform some color and healthy living habits in our lives into an active and healthy attitude to life.

Now you are able to find Advken on every continent in the world. The company uses their unique designs of products and colors to bring a special vaping experience to their users around the world.

For more products of Advken, please visit: https://www.heavengifts.com/Advken_b68.html


#1 https://www.heavengifts.com/product/Advken-MANTA-Tank.html

#2. https://www.heavengifts.com/product/Advken-Breath-RDA.html

  1. Happy anniversary @Heaven_Gifts , and thank you for all the contests!
  1. Vaping is good for your health
  1. DIY is fun
  1. People looking at you weird when you vape is not so fun
  1. Anyway, happy anniversary to you @Heaven_Gifts

Post 1
Advken Manta is a very popular tank. I have seen many good reviews for this tank. Lots of positive youtube reviews… would love to give it a try . Thanks for the giveaway HG!


Wow. That Manta tank is damn near the ugliest tank I have ever seen. yikes!


Post #1

Manta is a tad ugly but I wont mind winning 1 only for the review :slight_smile:

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Post #2

I do hope to get the RDA (i like my RDA’s)


Post #3

Vaping saves lives!

Post #4

Happy anniversary @Heaven_Gifts

Post #5

Keep on vaping!

Good luck everyone.

Adary over and out


The RDA looks interesting. The cotton… I use a cotton that I like but would be willing to give this stuff a try.

Extra Winning Chance

Except the continual brand contest, another massive giveaway is fervent in undertaking on our site now. We specially prepared HG 11th mysterious Fortune Bags to give away, which come from different brands, including OBS, Vaporesso, Golisi, Hugo Vapor, StageVape and so on. They can be tank, mod, kit or smart chargers. 20 winners! Worth US$2000!!

Contest link: https://www.heavengifts.com/article/Win-Heaven-Gifts-11-th-Fortune-Bag-Giveaway.html

Please don’t hesitate to join us. Good luck!


Post#1 Advken has some nice looking stuff!


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Post#3 Shower vapes!