Heaven Gifts Giveaway Beam Kit impression

Thanks again out to @Heaven_Gifts for the opportunity to win, and the free Beam Kit. It seemed as if it would be the perfect device for my wife who likes smaller, more compact vaping solutions. Received the kit, and it was very small, and felt good in her hands. Cleaned it up, filled it with her favorite juice and was waiting for her reaction. Sadly when sitting on the table waiting her to come home from work the unit dumped all of it’s juice out. Cleaned it up a bit, and tried again, and the device yielded a rather sputtery vape. She never really got any good vapes off of it, and with the leaking as it was, couldn’t take a chance of re-filling it again. My wife had mentioned although she loved the look, size, and feel of it, the leaking kind of did it in for her. She also mentioned that with no knurling on the top cap, it was rather hard to try and remove the top ring to fill the unit.

Great marks on style, size, and finish, but with not so great vaping and fairly serious leaking issues standing straight up, didn’t fare so well for us. Thank you again for the opportunity and look forward to the next give away.


Wow, that leakage on your desk is from that thing just sitting there in the upright position?


Yeah, roger that Mr. Ken. Wife was VERY smitten with it when I showed her the pics, cleaned it, loaded it up with about 1/4" below the fill line with 50/50, capped it off. Had it all setup for her when she got home about 1 hour later, and it pretty much just leaked itself to death before anyone could vape it.


Pics or it never happened right ?



Well you put the coil in upside down! No wonder lol just joking :upside_down_face:! Lol :joy:


I wonder how it would do with a 30pg 70vg mix.


Sorry it didn’t end up being something that either one of you could use. :frowning:

Appreciate your sharing your experience though!


That seems to be a VapeOnly issue. I once won a VapeOnly Arcus and the exact same thing happened.
I tried a few times but then the battery was going funny too. It wouldn’t do anything until you plugged it into a wall socket then it would work for a little while.
They are nice looking devices, it is a pity they don’t work properly and they didn’t manage to improve their devices over time.


@GalacticResidue Hehe, I only wish …


Roger that @Josephine_van_Rijn