Heaven Gifts Share Contest: What is the Best RTA/RDA Brand for you? Geekvape?

Recently, we have received many PMs asked about recommendation for RTAs and RDAs. On this point, many of us might start to recognize that a pre-made coil does not meet his/her growing needs on vaping. Many of us might wanna roll into a further vaping level since the rebuildable vaping system brings us so much vaping possibilities like a relative purer flavor, saving bills, coil builds’ fun, etc.

Heaven Gifts are aware that we have the responsibility to contribute a little bit on this point. Hence we have this Share Campaign thread nailed here. Your shares on RTAs/RDAs would be helpful, not only for us, but also for the whole community.

To encourage those who participant in our share Campaign, we will pick 3 winners. The first one will get Geekvape Tsunami 24 kit, the second and third one will get US$ 10 Gifts Card from HeavenGifts(The number of entries should be above 120 one month).

The spirit of our share Campaign: doing this Campaign to let more of us know about rebuildable vaping system, like how the tank taste like, how much coil build possibility we can have on the RTA/RDA, how is the quality, etc. This spirit is also what the forum for!! So come and play!

How to enter:

  1. Post anything related to Geekvape brand (You know how it is :wink:)
  2. Post anything related to RTA/RDA, like quality, features, coil build possibility, pics, videos, jokes, etc.


  1. We encourage original posts, but not only limited to original ones.
  2. Tag members to join the event
  3. We encourage lucky participant to share his/her gift in this thread


  1. Participant who get the most ‘Like’ in one month will be our lucky winners. The first one will get Geekvape Tsunami 24 kit, the second and third one will get US$ 10 Gifts Card from HeavenGifts.
  2. The share campaign ends in 20 June, 2016.
  3. Every member can only enter 5 times in one month regarding the rules (This does not mean you cannot post off the topic, if you have any question or anything else to say, feel free to post)
  4. If we get many valuable shares, we will consider prolonging the campaign time, and more secret gifts will be sent out. The gifts could be geekvape wires, coils, tools, tanks even HeavenGifts Gift cards.

To know about Geekvape:
Geekvape, an e-cigarette pioneer manufacturer obtains strong support from an innovative group consists of experienced and enthusiastic vapers whom devote themselves to superior vaping devices research and development. Geekvape wires/coils/RTAs/RDAs have been praised for good quality and good flavor worldwide since its establishment.

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It’s a good opportunity to share thoughts with vaping friends on this forum. Both your opinion about Geekvape brand and user experience of RTA/RDA are ok. You also have chance to win the hot Geekvape Tsunami 24. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and join us. Good luck.:wink:

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Good news!!!

Wanna get your hands on the latest RDA device? Here Heaven Gifts will satisfy you with our new prizes - Geekvape Tsunami 24 RDA. Now, we have 8 sets to give away.

Contest link: Win 8 Geekvape tsunami 24 Tanks, Ride on the Tide of the RDA

What are you waiting for? Hurry up to participate in the huge giveaway! Good luck!!!


I dont know anything about the geekvape brand… I should tho based on my username LOL

I have their Avocado and Griffin RTAs… both are really solid tanks. Love their stuff as it comes in clean, oil free and simple to use.

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Geekvape has some awesome products! The griffin 25 is a great rta! One of the best on the market, the tsunami dripper and the avocado. Three different type of products and 3 good products!
Thankyou heavengifts for the great giveaway! Lets see if we can get some ppl to participate


@daath @krede @Uncle_Screwtape @hophans @Wendy @Jen @WhiteRaven @LordVape @LordofLiquids

Honestly haven’t used any of their products, though, I would love to!


@Alisa @bradslinux

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Ok… I’ll play this one.
All of Geekvape’s products look really interesting to me. That Avacado is really somethin’, isn’ it? I’d love to have a nice RDA with a Delrin drip tip!

@SthrnMixer, @Josephine_van_Rijn


I love my Geekvape Griffin and my Geekvape Avocado 24, however, it doesn’t hold 5 ml of liquid but about 4 ml. I will give you this information for free and Geekvape is allowed to use this information on their packages without additional payment in my bankaccount :grinning:

@JoJo @Pro_Vapes @Kinnikinnick @DarthVapor
@SunnyT @zigz @MysticRose @d_fabes and @everybody I’ve forgotten.


I can honestly say, i have’nt used anything from geekvape brand as of yet… That being said, i would defo like to try some!


@Heaven_Gifts whats up with the contest? We need more ppl to join?

Dear all,

Guys, thanks for your participation in this share campaign.
According to our rule, we will choose winners when the entries are above 120.
Till now, we just got 15 entries in total. So we don’t choose the winner. Hope you can understand.
But to express our gratitude, we still want to reward the person who gets the most ‘Like’ US$ 10 Gifts Card from HeavenGifts.

It’s you! Josephine_van_Rijn! Congraulations!

I will PM $10USD gift card code to you later. Please have a check.


Congrats @Josephine_van_Rijn :smiley:


That was nice of you @Heaven_Gifts it was also nice and upfront of you to explain why the giveaway didn’t come about but still presented a consolation prize, something (I don’t believe) many would have done. Thank you for that.
@Josephine_van_Rijn congrats on winning the event!


Congrats @Josephine_van_Rijn
Will you use gift card?

Wauw, thank you very much :grinning:

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