HeavenGifts 10th Anniversary Coming—Best Discounts, Flash Sales, Special Gifts, Huge Giveaways (Ended)

Dear friends,

We can’t wait to tell you that Heaven Gifts is gonna celebrate the 10th birthday.

Within 10 years, we have grown up from a small business consists of dozens of employees to a mature enterprise that own more than 200 staff, 3 large warehouses today. We have witnessed the birth of “vaping culture” and countless encouraging quitting stories from our customers. We have gained the friendship and trust of growing customers and original brand manufacturers. Moreover, we have helped a plenty of pure vape hobbiests realize their dreams of running a vape shop.

For this big moment, we sincerely invite you to be part of our upcoming celerabtion carnival, sharing the joys. This time, we have prepared the best discounts, flash sales, special gifts and massive giveaways for all customers as well as all vapers here in this community.

Before the official celebration kick off, let’s have a little warm up. Please comment below to guess

  1. Which day will we start the celebration event?
  2. How many items will be prepared for the flash sales?

We will pick 3 lucky participants whose guesses are the closest to either of our answers and reward each of them with one $20 gift card before the beginning of our official Anniversary Celebration.


6th October



10th October


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Start date- 10/10/17
Items for flash sale- 10


28 Octomber 2017
350 items


The Celebration begins on October 9th

HeavenGifts will prepare 475 items for the Flash Sale

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100, 10 a day for ten days


I’m gonna go with 10/18/17.
And 100 seems like a safe bet.

As a side note, I’m so confused. :confused: I remember HG’s 8th anniversary celebration last year in July. We time traveled a year! Or last year was actually 9th and not 8th? And your anniversary was really in July but we’re just celebrating it in October? Or its not in July, it’s in October and it was celebrated early last time?


I agree. Start on 10/10/17
Prizes. 10 prizes daily for ten days for $100 credit. 10x10x100 then at the end one $1000 credit. 10x10x100x1000

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Oct 10th


Oct 9th…

300 items for the flash sale

October 13th 2017

200 items on flash sale

My guess would be after the holiday so October 7 th, same as me!
a wise man once said there will be 10 items for 10 days, totally 100, so ill say the same as @jhmiller

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My guess is 10/10
and 100 sale items

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Please release the staff!!!
10th Oct
1 million o rings

Start date: 10/10
Sale items: 100

Start celebration
October 11
Flash sale items…50