HeavenGifts Giveaway: Win Cigpet Eco12 & Try a beautiful looking good performing RDTA

Cloud chasers, Coil builders, DIYers, eyes on Heaven Gifts! This time we offer 1 set of Cigpet Eco12 to give away! Before we start it, let’s have a quick look of its specs. Diversity is the DNA of this Cigpet Eco12. It is a beautiful looking, aesthetic tank undoubtly, multiple-color options especially rainbow color, resin drip tip. Well, it does not only has an attractive appearance. Cigpet offers many coil/deck options to this Eco 12 tank, including a 16 coils pre-made coil which supports a maximum 400w vaping and RTA deck enables 4 different fun builds. Have not been able to try it yet? Well, come and join our contest, have some fun here!

To enter:

  1. If you won Cigpet Eco 12, which mod do you expect to get from us to power up this tank? (worth 1 points)
  2. If you were the designer of Eco 12, how would you design it? Draw a draft and share it here! (worth 10 points)
  3. Which feature of Cigpet Eco12 do you like? (worth 5 points)
  4. Among these Eco coil options, which one do you prefer? (3 points)
  5. PM us any of your local e-cigarette online store or BM store info (requires the vendor’s name and contact) with “Cigpet Eco12 is the best” posted. (Participants who pick this entry to enter can get a $5 US dollars Heaven Gifts gift card)


  1. Every entry has a score, we marked the points in the end of every entry.
  2. A participant shall earn 25 points or above to enter the random winner selection.
  3. You can enter each entry as many as you like, one entry one post.
  4. Please self-calculate the points you earned before we end the competition
  5. We use random.org to select winner on March 29, 2017.
  6. The $5 US dollars Heaven Gifts gift card you won in this contest could be redeemed with our 15% off code “AHG15” without any minimum consumption restriction

I would love to have an Evic Primo to power this baby

The multiple coil options make it very appealing. Its nice to have options

The Q4 looks like it would be my favorite. Im not a huge fan of subohm tanks trying to fit 1,000 coils inside of a tank. It looks like 8 little evod coils. If your gonna go big…make one giant ass thick, chunky, beefy coil. Being reasonable, I’m not expecting a 10 ply staple staggerton, or mowhawk alien. More like a quad core clapton or use a bunch regular claptons instead of a bunch of round wire. Thats just my opinion

This contest has ended.

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Am i the only person to enter this contest?

The juice capacity is great! Dang i just saw that i didnt get enough points to be entered! Nooooo!

The colors are really nice

A resin drip tip? Thats a classy touch

The ability to vape at 400w is mind blowing

Total Points: 28


Sorry, before we ends the contest, your score didn’t reach to 25 points.
Hope you can understand. :wink:
Welcome to join our another contest of Predator 228.:grinning:

Looks like the only one wanting the Cigpet tank was you @SignMan

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This sat here for 9 days and I didn’t even notice… :confused:

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I saw it when it first showed up but i had no interest in it.

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I didnt even notice that I didnt have enough points to complete my entry until it was too late. Im not a big fan of the whole “answer this same question fifty times to complete your entry”. I had a free tank just sitting there and blew it!