HeavenGifts Giveaway: Win IJOY Capo Squonker, Enjoy A Convenient & Relaxed Vaping Experience (Ended)

IJOY really work hard and move fast this year, with so many nice gears hitting the market, which covers most vapers’ preference, from high power vaping to squonking. We know many vapers start to use squonker since the juice feeding way is much convenient and also supports longer vaping time. So today we bring you a nice squonker from IJOY - the Capo Squonker kit, which is composed of a CAPO Squonker Mod and a COMBO RDA Triangle tank. It’s easy to operate and supports max 100w output. The included 9ml large squonk bottle adopts environmental silicone + transparent ABS material, which is easy to press for feeding and also avoids accidental leakage when removing it for refilling. The COMBO RDA Triangle tank features an easy to build double gold-plated Triangle deck and direct to coil side airflow, bringing you the smoothest airflow and best flavor!

To enter:

1.How do you think about this Capo squonker kit?
2.Invite 3 of your forum friends to join in.
3.Share IJOY Capo Squonker on any of your social media pages.(Optional)

4.Play Word Chain: comment one word and the word should be related to Vaping. One word per post and the word has to begin with the last letter of the previous word commented.


If you draw a blank then post
Next post will start with Letter ‘Y’

1.We will pick 1 lucky winner via random.org on November 24, 2017.
2.Each person can post 6 times at most; number your entry, for instance: #Post 1
3.We require at least 25 participants.


#1 I am not a fan of genesis style vaping
So I will just post once to help hit the participant requirement.
Best of Luck to each and Everyone !



Looks awsome like that its a power control squonker.

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3.Share IJOY Capo Squonker on any of your social media pages
Shared on pinterest

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Post #2
Never tried a squonker before but I wouldn’t mind trying it out.

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#1 I have become very interested in squonking ever since I had a coil on my tank go out mid 6 hour drive and having to drip and drive lol this one looks very nice, although I’ll be bumping against the power limit lol

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#2 @Cutlass92 @ffrank @Molly_Mcghee anyone wanna squonk?


#3 this is my social media lol

#4 I guess I’ll start the word chain game…SS316L

#1 I have never tried squonking but would like to, and this seem like a good kit to get started with.

#2 Li-Ion battery

#1 I think it looks like a winner! Smaller device wich is good (reminds me of Istick Pico) only it has been crossed nice with the collour sceme & nice squonk feature !

#2 @Laberythm @JoJo @Sprkslfly


#3 @SessionDrummer @Molly_Mcghee @VapeyMama

Lemon Cheesecake

#5 yellow cake

Post # 1
compact size
@Jenny1978 @Mew @Hobag



#1 - looks like a very nice device, I like the 9ml squonk bottle.

#2 @vladvlad, @Maureeenie, @voodootroll

#3 play word chain: