Heavy troath hit - Pink Guava Flavorah

I love the taste of Pink Guava from Flavorah - but damn it have a massive troath hit :frowning:
Mixed it with 2% - så there is 98% VG … (6mg nicotine (in vg))

Is there anything i can do to lower troath hit? (maked a new mix with 1% supersweet from cap, but did@nt help)

Did you let it steep? It really needs a couple of weeks to calm down.

…what she said.

I vape 40%PG because that’s the flavor sweet spot for me. Every time I try to go max VG I seem to get much MORE throat hit with certain flavors. Which is backward and I don’t understand why. I have stuff sitting around from 6 months ago and this is still true, but I’ve vape juices as recently as right this minute that were mixed by others at max VG and they are fine.

I haven’t had this experience with Pink Guava (I actually have a good SnV with it), but have had the problem especially with TFA Acai. This was before I had a heated USC as well. So obviously I have no answers for you, but perhaps heating a little with the cap off or streathing might help. Please let me know if you figure it out. I’ll heat and USC the one problem child left and let you know how it turns out.

FLV Pink Guava has a really strong citrus note to it to me. It likely needs a long steep, or a little EM to mute those harsh top notes.

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I was going to say add a drop of EM to tone it down like @HocusKrokus mentioned. I always give this flavor plenty of air time !!! I spin it on my mag mixer and I let the beaker sit open for a day two days I’ve left it OTA ( open to air) for 3 days then decide all by smelling it and knowing when it’s calmed down. Then I may or may not give it a few more days. It’s a great flavor but I can really only use it as a micro mixer under the 0.5% mark even w/ steeping it’s just too potent for me. You can also smother it in cream to help chill it out and take down some TH like I did in this recipe here http://tjek.nu/r/2r7Y I adapted this from a gremlins recipe.


Try adding some Pyure (liquid Stevia) at .25%. If that isn’t enough try more. It may soften the throat hit a bit. It does for me with citrus.


Put 4% distilled water in it and shake the life out of it…it will smooth it right out :slight_smile: