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Hi I’m new round here, just made a few batches of juice and am now waiting for the steeping phase when I bought the flavours I didn’t plan very well and seems not a lot of recipients exsisted so I made some of my own.

I used a guess for percentages the same as I do when I cook/mix cocktails and hoping that will work I did the flavoured water tests and seemed ok.

One I tried was


As 12.5% in a 50/50 blend 0nic and 9mg batch.

One thing I was wondering is as we are mixing chemicals is it possible that mixing two flavours would create a random flavour hypothetically mixing peanut butter, chocolate and toffee should taste like a snickers but could it end up tasting completely different and end up tasting of cheese and onion?

In other words do flavours mix like mixing drinks or does the chemical reaction produce completely different flavours.

Also another quick question I bought some concentrated nicotine vape wild 100mg/100ml it states it is highly concentrated and should not be vaped directly etc. But wouldn’t 100mg/100ml not be the same as 10mg in a 10ml?

I was vaping 36mg pre made juice and wouldn’t that be 3 times higher? Or have I missed something?

So you made a flavor base and used 12.5% of the base in a liquid? Seems fine :slight_smile:

Most of the time you’ll get what you expect - a mix of the two flavors. But since many of the flavors are “built” with flavor molecules, sometimes they will interact and create “new” flavors. If you were to mix a liquid with flavors that contained a lot of butyric acid, and mixed it at too high a percentage, the butyric acid would start to come out and taste of vomit :wink:

Ignore what they write on the label, except for the 100mg part - that means that 1 ml of liquid contains 100mg of nicotine. Or 100 mg/ml. What you write makes sense, and that is how some people would interpret it, but it would be wrong. They even write it on their website, that it’s 100 mg per milliliter :slight_smile:

This is to be handled with care and be highly diluted.

Were you vaping 36 mg juice? That is some rough stuff! I started on 18mg years back and have settled on 8 mg/ml for my MTL-tanks and 3 mg/ml for my direct-to-lung devices…


Recently I was vaping 36mg for 3 days after I stopped smoking for good and switched to vaping full time again, but years ago (2014) I used to use the ecopure base and refill vype carto’s without there 42mg base in pure PG now that stuff was harsh, only time I got head rush from vaping was like the first cigarette in the morning type. But now i adv a 12mg but when I get tempted / cravings I have tobacco flavoured 18mg.

Welcome and glad you joined.
My favorite section in Resources>Guide:

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I want my nic with at least 67% animal extracts.

I just don’t know how well it’ll vape.

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I would like my spam with a piece of toast