Hello need some advice

Hi, can anyone tell me why i have doubles if not quadruples of apps on my device? Please im worried


@ladycrooks what model phone do you have, and who is your carrier please ?


Its supposedly a samsung s21 se 5g. But theres a phone case placed by my what i thought was the love of my life. That is attched by screws that need an allen key to remove. After he put me on his plan a year and a half ago and his carrier is virgin. I have not had control over my phone or life since. Hence im isolated.


Im fucked. I have no one. And no one will listen or do anything to help. Ive even called 911 when i couldn’t breathe and they wouldnt even come. My family or friends wont speak to me . And im getting harassed online all over. Also i cant get employed or get to respond to any emails i am allowed to recieve .also im being told im crazy. But the pictures tell a different story. It tells me BULLSHIT
And its too late, ive even had mr. Beast say rude shit directly to me .telling me not to ask him for money. Ive never messgaed the man. So who has control of my phone? There is only 1 answer. And im alone . Theres no one . And ive let this go so long my few living family members left. Have disowned me.


Try this @ladycrooks

Just googled and came up with that. Hope it helps :blush:

Duplicated icons in Android 10 - Android Community.


@ladycrooks if you look closely at those “duplicates” the second one(s), are using the Secure Folder …


Can you set up an appointment to see a psych doctor? They can help diagnose you and get you on proper meds. Also, do you have social services in Canada? You could also reach out to a church to seek help and help you feel better. One thing I’ve learned in life is, the thing about being alone is you be to be able go live yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Once I did that, I love the peace and solitude being by myself. It’s freedom. :heart:


In Canada, there are social services and mental health resources available. Remember, you don’t have to face these challenges alone, and there are people and resources available to provide assistance and support. Your well-being is important, and seeking help is a positive step forward.


Welcome to ELR @CarmeloConn

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