Hello people. Need help with choosing some flavors for a "wide" stash/recipe kit

Hello there :slight_smile: … Im on The hunt for new flavors so i can make som new recipes. Im gonna buy from chefsvapor this time.

I have made The following list. Is there something you would add, change or just have some good advice? Do i have to many vanilla? Maybe some coffee or more fruit? I would like to make 1-2 ingredient juice aswell as real recipes… Thank you all …

The list

Berry Crunch Flavor Apprentice
Greek yoghurt Flavor Apprentice
Vanilla Swirl Flavor Apprentice
Vanilla bean ice Cream Flavor Apprentice
Ripe strawberry Flavor Apprentice
Dairy/Milk Flavor Apprentice
Cinnamon Danish Flavor Apprentice
Cookie Flavourart
Lemon iced tea Flavourart
Vanilla clasic (pure) Flavourart
Vienna Cream Flavourart
Meringue Flavourart
Fresh Cream Flavourart


Advice only. You might want to query each flavor your not sure of. Could check the rating with relation to popularity,cost and comparison with another blender/vendor. You could also add them to your stash and then see which recipes you can make with them.
You should be able to do this pretty well in this great site.


You might consider:

Flavour Art: Dark Bean Espresso and/or Cocoa
Inawera: Peach and/or Nougat
Flavorah: Rich Cinnamon and/or Tropical Punch
Acetyl Pyrazine (your choice of vendor)

…just to name a few!:wink: …flavor collection becomes an addiction after a while.


Hi, would you consider using Capella’s their sweet strawberry is a super sweet and popular strawberry widely used especially in combo with ripe strawberry. Also Capella’s Vanilla Custard is used in many recipes. Their is a v1 and a v2, the v1 is the majority. I don’t see any graham cracker on your list either nor any bavarian cream both are great mixers to add to the list ! And yes buying flavors is very addictive. :wink:

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I’d dump the TPA Greek Yoghurt in favour of the Flavorah version.

Apple, Banana, Brown Sugar, Caramel, Coconut… I’ll stop now because I don’t want to scare you off!

Your listed flavours will be a good start but you’d better get a larger cupboard.

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Caramel Original!

Inawera Coconut

Capella Sweet Cream

IDE Apple Pie

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I HIGHLY recommend adding a Caramel and some kind of Nut. Here are some of my favorites:

FW Butter Pecan
FW or TFA Hazelnut
FA Almond
FA or Flavorah Caramel
FW or TFA Caramel Candy

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What do u think the difference is between the flavouah Greek yogurt and TPA am about to order 100 ml of tpa and may try the other if you think it’s better

Several people have mentioned the TPA version had a lemony and raw taste while the Flavorah one has received a few excellent reviews, eg. this one.

Waste a couple of quid and pick up a small bottle of each (plus maybe Capella’s Creamy Yogurt) and figure which one you prefer?

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Cheers for the heads up I like the TPA but sometimes find it making my mouth dry out so am gonna take your advice.the shopping cart is building up somewhat just wondering whether to press purchase.does anyone else go through this ordeal

When I first started mixing I went here:


This is the flavor list for the site. It’s sorted so the most popular flavors for the recipes on this site show first.


What I learned the hard way was not to buy anything until I go to ecig express and sort by the review counts and best sellers. There’s 15 of them with hands down 5 star ratings and 12 of those taste good to me. I have a drawer full of flavors I will never use again. I bought them because they “sounded” like something that would taste good. I wasted a bunch of money. That is my only advice :slight_smile: