HellVape Dead Rabbit – Tell Me About the Rabbits George

They’re dead Lenny now STFU.



Well the Dead Rabbit box in an interesting colour choice a drab green but do we care about it nope - I personally couldn’t care if it came wrapped in in an old sock as long as it protects the contents during shipping which this one did.

What’s in the box:
Well the rda of course, a goodie bag with some spare o rings a couple of hex keys, spare grub screws, a bf pin, a 510 adaptor, a 810 drip tip - pretty much you standard set of bits.

First Impressions:

Dead Rabbit - interesting name but hey we all see some crazy names for vape gear but this one is truly original, like the deck. I have to say the innovation in decks is evolving quickly as of late and the Dead Rabbit has a unique deck. I’m not even sure what you would call it, it is a postless deck but raised so I am gunna just call it a pedestal postless deck (totally awesome name if you ask me).

The unit is really well machined, nice tight O rings, super clean on arrival, the engraving is nice and crisp and clean. It also comes with some good bits and pieces including a resin drip tip. The air holes are high on the sides which they need to be due to the pedestal postless deck (patent pending) they are fairly big and slant down to hit directly on the coil/coils (there are 3 in the cap for single or dual coil set ups). I wouldn’t describe it as an airy rda it flows a little less wide open than an original goon does (if that helps you at all).

I love a postless deck I just find them a breeze to build on the only draw back is cutting the coil legs to the right length but because this deck is on a pedestal and the coils holes go all the way through it is super easy to put the coils in with slightly longer legs and just trim the excess off - a really nice touch (it is the little things that make toppers stand out from the crowd).

Please excuse my pic I cant find my macro lens so I just had to make do (TBH I don’t ever lose things my wife just puts them away in a random spot that makes no sense at all so I will probably find it in the freezer or something).

Now as you can see the juice wells are shallow and the tails for the wick have to be quite long. I did think this was going to be a bit of an issue turns out is isn’t since the o rings are good and the air holes high then it can hold a bucket of juice and the long wick tails will hold a heap as well.

How does it vape?

Like a champ - I really like a nice warm vape with a heap of flavour and the Dead Rabbit delivers. I tried to over squonk this and get it to leak and I squonked a metric ton of juice into it and it didn’t leak, not one drip. The airflow is bang on just right for me.

Pros & Cons:

On the plus side

  • Great flavour.
  • Shallow wells but holds heaps of juice due to the really well fitted o rings and high airflow.
  • 810 drip tip x 2
  • 510 adapter.
  • Easy to build unique deck style
  • No leaking.
  • Single or dual coil capable.

On the down side.
I like to try to find something to pick on but this one I can’t really find much.

  • The box is a drab green.

I am sure there is something better than that but for me this is a winner.

Would I buy it?
Well I did buy it so kind of a stupid section to have but I am really happy I did pull the trigger - the flavour is great and the quality of the build is excellent. I think that this is a great rda. So if you squonk (or don’t) put it on your list it is a great bit of kit.

Since I actually bought this item myself I will direct you to the best price I found which was at Elegomall
They list the price as $34.90 but if you create an account and log in you will find it for around $25.

If you’d like to stop over at http://www.steampugs.co.uk you can see how the Dead Rabbit scored against other sweet pieces of Vapeology, and while you’re there you can meet the new Steam team and check out the shop!


Nicely done bro and you got me interested :+1: but i do wonder one thing, where did George go with the rabbits and what did he say… :wink:

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Nice review. I tried the DR at ECC and met Billy at the same time. We chatted a bit about the process of bring his design to market. He was really cool and you could tell he was enjoying the positive responses from everyone there.


Ya it it really is a nice little rda - I really like it. He has done well with the design.

great review …

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Great review and extra points for the title. From one of my favorite books (and cartoon).

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Nice review @woftam! That pedestal postless deck (patent pending) looks pretty sweet.

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Super easy to build on - be great for your squonk box.

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Damn woftam, nicely done, now I want one!

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Cheers mate - if you do pull the trigger I would be super interested to hear your thoughts.

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I have to agree with you on the quality vape that the Dead Rabbit delivers. I set it up with TI Temp Control on one of my DNA devices and it was pure heaven. No hype either, this Rabbit is great with straight up power vaping and heaven for us flavor chasing lunatics like me. For what it is, it beats about any high end dripper I own for flavor and that’s no joke…Love this RDA… Nice job @woftam on this review.


It seems similar to the Cosmonaut RDA, have you tried that one?

I still want the dead rabbit, your review has definitely got my attention for sure

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Have you ordered from that site before? Im guessing its in china, hows the shipping rates and time for US? If you know, of course, appreciated.

Thanks for the review! I dont have much vape gear. Its pretty much, find a setup i like that works and use it all day every day until it breaks down, lol. Im currently fairly happy with my goon except that i still have trouble installing coils, even though its apparently easy to build on. So this dead rabbit caught my eye because of how much more user friendly it looks with that pedestal postless deck. I still was hesitant because this time of year im pretty broke until tax returns next year. But i think im gonna have to pull the trigger on this bad boy. The flavor is a huge attraction as well since im getting better at diy. Well, imo, at least, heh.

Thanks again!

Great review man! Going to put this on my wish list.

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Not the guy you asked, but I’m feeling chatty tonight and decided to butt in! Please pardon my intrusion…

I’ve used efun a few times and, yes, they are a China-based vendor like Fasttech and the rest. They’re a little slower in shipping than FT(I’ve not used GearBest, 3A or 3F so I can’t compare) They do charge for shipping, but it’s not an obscene amount. If my memory serves, they use DHL for all of their routine shipping rather than China Post/USPS. I don’t quite know if the usage of DHL is what caused my packages to be a little slower-About the only thing I can think of is that they batch ship, meaning that they throw all of their packages into a box and don’t actually hand off to the shipping company until that box is full. That being said, the packaging was decent and everything that listed as “Authentic” was just so. All in all, I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again for something that I wanted but didn’t need right away.


Awesome review brother :wink: :ok_hand:

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Na mate I dont have the Cosmonaut RDA but looking at the deck the Cosmonaut looks to be a fairly standard postless deck because of the design of this one i think the fitting of coils would be a little easier.

I have used both efun and elegomall and while both are reliable I find that elegomall has the item out the door a lot quicker (most times within 24 hrs)

Cool, thanks for thee info! I used 3f once and my package actually got lost in the Ny post office. Which is rare for me, i usually never have problems with usps. Anyway, after a couple of weeks and a few emails, 3f did give me a refund, which was nice.

@woftam thanks!



Great job beaut :+1: