Help a diy newbie!

Hi I’ve recently made my first batch of ejuice and came out quite well except for the vanilla custard that taste like pure sugar. I just ordered my 2nd batch of flavors and just wondering if I can recreate a Fruitloops flavor. I have fruit circles with milk flavor from TFA. Thinking of mixing it at 10%. Will that work?

Try it out and let us know :wink:

Custards take a long time to really come together and be good. At least a couple weeks to mellow, but more like a month. I don’t have any experience with any kind of fruit loops, so I can’t help ya there. Sorry.

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It steeped for 3 weeks haha!

try it again in two more weeks custards are the longest wait I leave them 5-6 weeks

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I am finding that you can kinda cheat and test a three weeks but the 5 week to 6 weeks is a must. Atleast when using cap custard and tpa custard.

FA custard 2-5weeks. It’s the shortest of the bunch I feel, but it’s not the same as the others…it does have its place. Like when you want fruit to sit ontop of a custard’y note