[HELP] Can you sub E/M for Sucralose (super sweet)

I’ve got a recipe that contains em but I have none and wondering if I can put super sweet in instead at half the %??

In a word, no.

Totally different effects on a mix. While ethyl maltol is sometimes used for the slightly sweet property that it has, it’s larger “accepted use” is more to balance out the high notes with the low notes. So if you are in fact using it to sweeten a mix, start very sparingly, and work your way up. :wink:

Also, Cap super sweet is 20% sucralose (compared to most other sweeteners, which are 5% to 10% sucralose.)


Ah ok! I’ve got the crystals/powder to make up the sucralose so making it 5% would be a lot less stronger in the mix using sparingly also yeah? Does that make any sense at all?

I’ve seen that in other posts but where do you get that info?
I’ve previously heard people say it’s 10% as well but have never been able to confirm (or deny) anything specific.
Just that it consists of Water, Sucralose, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate (from Capella site)


Just so you know…
Many people use Super Sweet and many people like it, but it’s also a known wick and coil killer.
Heating up the sucralose quickly forms a black layer of nastiness on your coils. Heating that up time and time again will give off cancerous substances that you’re going to inhale.

I’m not saying “Throw it out, you’re mad if you vape that”, I use it myself, but just be aware of what sucralose does and take it into account when using it. Regularly clean / replace coils and don’t overdo it, it’s powerful stuff.


Got a question for ya, if someone you knew from A particular DIY site…Accidenty used EM (instead of a sweetner only) Could the EM be diluted even more using more PG ? Just asking out of curiosity.

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If you take your pure (non-mixed) EM concentrate, you can always dilute it with PG to have a lesser effect in your mix.
What I’m not sure of, something I’ve asked recently in one of these threads myself, is if you can dilute the EM in a muted mix so that the other flavors pop back up.

Honestly, I think that once you start mixing your flavors, some chemistry goes on between those flavors and it’s hard to undo that chemistry by trying to dilute anything afterwards. But this is not even an opinion of mine, just a guess. I’m no chemist nor a highly experienced mixer who’s tried a million and one combinations.
I’m sure there are other people around here who could give you a more precise answer on this subject.


That’s exactly what I’m looking to do, reverse the mistake without loosing the notes. I did add only 1 or 1.5% to a fruits and very light creams recipe and it is slowly coming back after a 10 day steep. Re-check in a couple more days. And see if, and what I may have lost. Or hopefully gotten back. I just can’t stand waiting so long.


You’re always free to give it a try… you can take a 10ml tester of your juice to do so if you don’t want to waste too much in an experiment that you don’t know the outcome of.

If you want to decrease EM from 2% to 1% for example, you’d have to double you total volume of liquid. That means your other flavors % will also drop by 50% if you’re just using base liquids…
So grab a calculator and add everything besides your EM, let it steep a bit and check.

The thing is, to be sure that no other chemistry reactions are taking place, you’d have to mix another bottle with just 1% EM just to see if a straight mix tastes the same as a corrected mix.

And if you do decide to test this, I’ll be happy to read about your experience :slight_smile:

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I see no problems from the information you gave us. Just curious, could you post the recipe?

A couple years ago, it was advertised as such at a few vendors… I’m not sure why that’s not any longer the case (maybe a mandate from Cap, maybe it was causing a drop in other brands sales because people realized it was a better value, I don’t know).

But I’ve also just tried to scan for such a confirmation, and came up empty as well (outside of Reddit, and other forums discussing the differences.

It’s possible that things have changed, but like other flavors, I’m sure it has it’s fans, and there would have been posts inquiring about such, if that was the case. YMMV.

I’m open to correction if things have changed of course. :slight_smile:

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