HELP cheesecake/coffee flavors

Im a beginner in the art of DIY juices.

I’m a cheesecake and a coffee lover so I would like go do some testing until i can develop a cheesecake or coffee base juices. Flavors here in our country(PH) are very limited as of now i have these flavors

French Vanilla(Capella)
Sweet cream(Flavorwest)
Cheesecake (LA)
Evaporated milk

Thanks for any help guys, im open to the idea of having to buy some other flavors to create this cheesecake/coffee like base.


It sounds like coffee cheesecake would be a good combination but I haven’t used any of the flavors you have so I couldn’t suggest how to mix a recipe. If I was doing a coffee cheesecake I would start with a cappuccino or mocha instead of just black coffee or use the coffee vary sparingly. I’d guess the coffee is a very strong flavor so if you use too much it will drown out the other flavors. I’m sure someone with more experience using the flavors you have will chime in, best of luck!


If you’ve done any research at all, then I’m sure you already know that coffee is possibly one of the most difficult flavors for a manufacturer to replicate/simulate. And according to majority opinion, probably your two best chances to come close to something that you might like are going to be either FW coffee or FA Dark Bean (sometimes labeled ‘FA coffee espresso’ or just ‘FA espresso’, depending on where you buy). They are two totally different profiles though. The FW is relatively mild, and FA is very sharp comparatively.

Both of these flavors should be used at very low percentages compared to most other flavor profiles though. In case of the FW, typically no more than 1.5%, and FA typically around 0.5% to 0.75%. (And that’s in an 80vg mix. If you use higher PG mixes, you can use even less flavoring.)

I can’t offer much help on Cheesecake as yet, but I can say you have one of the more frequent ones I have see mentioned, and another would be Cap’s NY Cheesecake. Haven’t tried either one personally, so again, I’d wait for someone else to offer suggestions.

Good luck!


@Bikerdude now don’t get me wrong I love my coffee and drink entirely too much of it but in my almost 4 years of vaping and more premixed coffee vapes and then and twice as many DIY Coffee vapes that have done nothing but waste my time, money, coils, tastebuds and lots of mixing supplies I have yet to find a coffee vape that doesn’t end up tasting like three day old burnt second run cheap coffee. It’s heartbreaking and I know it’s gotta be my stupid tastebuds not the juices because lots and lots of my fellow vape/DIYers love it. That being said:

WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO GO AND RUIN PERFECTLY GOOD CHEESECAKE WITH COFFEE (in vape form only) In real life I think I have an orange cappuccino cheesecake recipe and a double espresso mocha fudge cheesecake recipe with an oreo crust that will slam you into chocolate overload with a sidecar of a caffeine overdose but damn it’s good. One 10 inch one will serve about 20 people it’s best served with vanilla soft served frozen yogurt and decaf. lol


Yeah, me either. I’ve been trying to find a nice cappuccino for about a year now with little luck. Admittedly, I’m more of a sweet tea man and have built an excellent sweet tea recipe but I haven’t put a lot of effort into coffee.

Because I can?

I would never have thought of mixing the two, but I’m not the OP. I did, as an experiment last night, mix a bit of @ZeroedIn fluffy strawberry cheesecake with a strawberry coffee recipe my son asked me to develop for him and it wasn’t unpleasant. My strawberry coffee experiment uses cappuccino for a base so it’s already much less potent than the burnt coffee ground flavor you mentioned.

Both of those sound great, I’m a big fan of real life cheesecake!

Along the way, if you find out how to make LA Cheesecake taste as good as it smells, please let us know. Just doesn’t translate to vape for some reason. Kills me because it smells fantastic.


For the last 5 or 6 years my now 14 year old grand daughter asks me every year to make her a cheesecake for her birthday cake, makes me smile that this little girl would rather have grandpa’s cheesecake than home made or bakery birthday cake.


i can’t offer much help since i am not very very familiar with FW flavors in terms of percentages (and even more with LA, unfortunately can’t find them around so i go mostly with TPA, CAP and FA and much much less with FW and almost never used LA)
if you want a good coffee i would say the

Sweet Cream, French Vanilla and Coffee should make a nice combo for a Creamy Coffee… :slight_smile:

Sweet Cream, Cheesecake, Strawberry and a touch of Evaporated milk and French vanilla (just a tiny tiny amount of milk and Fvanilla) should do the work fine…

though i can’t help with percentages since i haven’t worked much with these companies, these flavors are kinda standard in the profile you seek… though about the amounts of flavors you should seek some more info in this site about percentages and taste notes…

@Sprkslfly has given some nice generic info about flavors, but for specific percentages i can’t help unfortunately

gl and hf :slight_smile:

This is so true.

I’ve got a couple of different flavors and find they’re just impossible to do anything decent with.

I highly recommend looking into INW or FA tiramisu flavors. They’re more coffee than tiramisu and imo they may pair well with your cheesecake.
Start with 0.5% or you’re going to drown out the cheesecake flavor.


I made a super simple coffee cheesecake yesterday with .5% inawera tiramisu and 5% tpa cheesecake graham crust. It’ll definitely need a steep but I did give it a little taste and the coffee part seems just right (for now). I’ll update in a couple weeks, I think this might be a really nice start.


I love the TPA Cheesecake without the graham crust, the crust tastes like wet straw to me. Wifey says I’m nuts and my taste buds are out to lunch when it comes to some flavors. I know they are kinda picky but last I heard there was no way of getting taste bud transplant. lmao


I agree. Lol
Seriously though, taste is subjective. :+1:


So. I’m sensing she likes to multi-task!
(Addressing separate issues simultaneously and all…) :smile:


Sparky you’re so funny, I like you you make me laugh


Back at’cha Paw! :wink:

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I am with you; every mix I throw Graham Crust in is just awful, but everyone loves it so much, I really wish it would work for me.

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I’ve yet too make any Dessert coffees but I have a great straight up cappuchino froth, caramel butter, with cream vape and I’ve never had an ADVape out of the tons of juices I’ve made but I love this one and its easy on the coils with concentrates that are easy to work with n not skunky dark burnt rubber etc if your interested


I got it now after making a badass cappuccino froth I can implement this into a dessert when I get ready