Help choose an RDA

I have put the Griffin RTA down on my next tank list. However, I’m also starting to enjoy using my RDA’s more. I only have at this point a infinite CLT IV and a Tsunami 24 which are both good to me. But my goal is I want 2 identical RDA’s so I can do side by side testing and the like.

I’m looking at the $20usd to $25usd range out of my options below what do you think is the best value for money RDA at this price point.

Tsunami 24
Maddog desire
Sense herakles
Or other.

Thanks in advance everyone.


For that kind of money i would definitely go for 2 Goon clones or Cloons as i have started to call them :wink:
I mean for the value you can’t get anything better.


Whilst I understand your recommendation. I just have a thing with clones or cloon.I’ll get a real goon in a couple of months I’ve always wanted one. I just want a setup first and the goon will be a treat. I just can’t do clones it’s delusional but I’ve got a ton of the usual justifications i can’t shake. And worse then that I can’t persuade myself to overcome it. Which is definitely to my detriment as I’m on a tight budget. I just have to struggle with being patient.

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Second the motion for the goon clone. Whatever you have against clones please overcome it.


Yup i agree. The Cloons today are really 1:1 Cloons :smile:

Yeah, I’ll just save up and get the original a bit later. Just can’t do it, but a seed has been planted. You’ve only just planted it, sometimes I need just a little time to muster a change. Ha when I think clones I think of Bali knockoffs for everything. They are crap but I hear you about the clones, are you talking about ones on fasttech and places like that? See I’m already budging.


This is a very positive step. When you ask questions and trusted members like @Fenrir1 gives you advice, please trust that it is solid. If you ignore people that take time to answer your questions and decide to do your own thing, people take notice and are less inclined to help.

I got my Goon LP clone from 3FVape. I would recommend getting The Goon clone from any of the Chinese sites. But look for the good clone makers like HCigar and Tebeco and there are a few others that people can chime in on that make excellent 1:1 clones.


Sxk make a great petri rta clone listed on fasttech as pti styled there are a few of them look for sxk it is spot on

I know we are talking rda but sxk gear is very well made.

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When you decide to hit the trigger on a Cloon just don’t go for the cheapest one because that would be a mistake. The better ones will cost a little bit more but when we talk prices here it is such small differences.

As with other things you kinda get what you pay for and that works with clones also.

I don’t really think it matters if you order from 3fvape, Fasttech, Gearbest or whoever. They got the same stuff on every site.

Kindbright is one of those that make better Cloons.

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Yup SXK is also one company that make really really good stuff.

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I’m not sure me myself would use the word trusted about myself :laughing: but thanks never the less for the nice words :thumbsup:


Yeah I understand this completely. And at no stage am I not trusting you guys. My issue is about Int Property and keeping the money where it should . I’m no economist but my instincts tell me it’s better for the industry to pay the originals, this could be wrong I haven’t really investigated it. I don’t want to offend and I value your advice.

Thanks to you guys in regards to RTA’s I’ve got plenty I’ve taken on board and purchased and basically only get stuff that people use and recommend here. So I do not think I’m in the category in the slightest of disregarding advice… But this one you’ll have to let me go. Maybe one day moving forward I’ll change my mind but not today. Do you have opinions on my selection up top, they are all RDA’s that users on this forum use and recommend. My question I’m trying to determine out of those guys or something similar what’s the best value for money.

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While @Pugs1970 gave the Mad Dog a stunning review and I had intended on ordering one, I did not. So you know what I’m going to say next, Tsunami. It’s one that you and I are both familiar with and know how they perform.

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I Love My Desire Mad Dog, I Love My Goon Clone, I use them almost exactly as much as each other.
If I were buying 2 RDAs, they would both be Mad Dogs though

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Well since he only is prepared to pay 20-25 per rda i’m not sure that he will even get a authentic Mad Dog.
For that kind of money and authentic i would say Freakshow v2 or Cheetah, both are cheap and for the price they are ok.

Ah yes, you have a point !
the mad dog, on Heaven Gifts, even with the Pugs discount is more expensive,

Dunno what the problem is with the Cloon, given the price, if I was to choose between ONE Goon or FIVE Cloons, well, let’s just say I’d have more than enough RDAs for testing flavours !

Thanks Mate. I’m really torn. I like my Tsunami a lot and that review of the desire really got me drooling and threw the spanner in the works. I’m hoping pugs can see this and chime in as he most likely has a tsunami 24 as well as the Maddog and could tell me which he prefers. Which one he will pick up when on the stand? The Herakles was recomended to me as well and looks really nice.

And I just read @Kalahariuk If a Goon cloon is great for you guys and then a Maddog is just as good then “she’s a witch” no no no. Bingo. That’s a ringing endorsement. Thanks.

Thanks too @woftam I’ve got the dotmod petri original a xmas gift which was awesome. They are out of this world, easily my best tank. By a country road (small capacity only con for me).

@Fenrir1 they are $20 at fasttech and I don;t mind ordering with them I get the $2 extra shipping and that gets it to me within a fortnight. pretty good for $2 shipping to Oz. So basically the same price so definitely they are in the mix. DO you think the 2 tanks you mentioned are up there with a maddodg anyone? They’d have to be as good as a goon clone, in theory.

At this moment the Mad dogs are front runners for sure, as good as a goon clone or as preferred as one.

I totally agree with you, however, I buy a clone and use it for a bit if it is good then I can assume that the original will be better (usually just manufacture quality). If the clone is good (flavor/function) then original is worth splashing the coin on. I get pissed with goods sold as authentic when they are not. Clones have their place as a tester for me.


In my mind i still think for the price and for the experience with Goon clones it’s gonna be hard to beat with anything in the price range of 20-25.
And as a bonus Vol will save some dollars to put in his authentic fond to be used on a later date.

The thing about clones is that people get the chance to try out something they otherwise wouldnt buy due to a high price. But if they truly like the clone they are prone to go buy the authentic later on.

I Agree, the Genuine Goon is on my radar for the future, based on my vaping the Cloon

Though to be completely honest, bearing in mind these have probably been made on identical machines, using identical materials, and identical measurements … I struggle to see HOW the original can be worth over SIX times the price of that which I am vaping and enjoying ?