Help creating a blue raspberry sour straws flavor?

Recently started diy have several flavors mainly TFA, I have tried combinations of blue raspberry from the blue voodoo clone, TFA’s terrible version of Blue Raspberry, OSDIY’s Blue Raspberry Slush, and am currently steeping some Silver Cloud Estates imitation blue raspberry, the voodoo clone was pretty close to my personal take on blue raspberry but I have unsuccessfully mixed it with gummy candy, hard candy, lemon, key lime, sour, etc with no real candy type tang. Really had a wonderful Blue Raspberry Sour Punch Straws flavor from the drip, wanting something similar with maybe a more flavorful vape as it was a bit muted. Any ideas?

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@Mofogger has been working some with a sweetener called Pyure you may be interested in this thread where he talks about the flavor changes due to percent of the sweetener…

I recently tried Euro flavor and I really liked their Blue Raspberry I couldn’t agree with you more on the TFA version it is terrible.

I also liked Liquid Barn’s Sour but you can pretty much use anyone’s sour. I just happen to enjoy theirs over FWs.

Worth a try at least on the Euro Flavors their percentages are a lil higher meaning you’ll need to start out at around 5% and work your way up. They ship out of Texas.

Blue raspberry Lemonade

Ingredient %
Blue Raspberry (EuroFlavor) 6
Lemonade (Flavorah) 3.76

Flavor total: 9.76%

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I liked it at 6% with a lemonade.

As far as I can remember I never had much luck with gummi candy or hard candy. FW’s gummi bear taste like cherry which I use it in cherry flavors to candy it but don’t use it as it’s intended.

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Thank you, I just got off work currently going to run and get some from good old Walmart!

Went to the site and ordered a bottle! Maybe if I just mix all the blue raspberries something magical will happen haha. The drips sour punch straws flavor is what I’m attempting to emulate

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Here is one I have been working on. It satrted as an adaptation, but is pretty much completely different now.

Blue Raspberry Slushie

Ingredient %
Blue Raspberry Slush (OSDIY) 7
Concord Grape (Stevia) (CAP) 2
Marshmallow (TPA) 1.5
Pyure 0.5
Raspberry (FA) 1
Raspberry (Sweet) (TPA) 4

Flavor total: 16%

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Thanks! I have a ton of flavors I need to order when the next check rolls around haha. I have already made quite a few different flavor probably 30-40 just playing around with different combos but I just want to mix constantly.

There was a mention of sour above. Sweetang tpa from ecx in high percentages is a spot on sweetart flavor. And low percentages gives alittle tart’ieness without taking away from the rest of the flavor…as from my experiance (everyone is different for taste preferances).

The One on One Blue Raspberry is pretty good!
Might be worth a try?

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Thanks everyone I guess The Drip found the holy land on blue raspberry atleast to my taste buds, as soon as my next shipment gets here I’ll be sure to attempt some other mixes

I have this on the way, along with a few other OoO flavors.

What % did you use for the Blue Raz to get the most out of it?

12% stand alone seems to work for me?