Help Creating Recipe

Can anyone recommend a recipe using these ingredients?

Berry Crunch (TFA)
Sweet Cream (CAP)
Marshmallow (CAP)

I like a 60/40 VG/PG ratio and seem to like 25-30% flavoring.


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I can’t find a Berry Crunch by Capella. Is it Harvest Berry by Cap or Berry Crunch by TPA? Have you tried the calculator? I’d do most of your flavor the Berry, a little bit of sweet cream, and either a tiny bit of marshmallow or no marshmallow. Marshmallow is used for sweetening and sweet cream is already pretty sweet. For me, it’d be 4%, 2%, 1%, but that’s only 7% flavor. Maybe 8%, 4% and 2%?


You are correct. I had to double check my order and it is Berry Crunch from TFA. I have made a blueberry custard using the calculator and I like it. I tried lower flavor percentages, but I found that I like it best at 30%. I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I am vaping with a Kanger Subtank Mini. I guess I will just play around with it. I will try it without the marshmallow like you suggested.

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If you click on a flavor in your flavor stash it will tell you what the highest, lowest, average and median percentages are for mixing and for stand alone. I typically start with the median and adjust if needed.

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Try something like this then adjust to taste…

Crunch Berry 14%
Marshmallow 2%
Sweet Cream 8%

It’s heavy on flavor for you…


I love all three together. Browncoatmonty look for his recipe it is soo good ! And I use Marshmallow all the time and not just as a sweetener. But the. Again I like my juice sweet ! I tend to use all vendors around 3-4%. Sweet cream cap and TFA around 2-4% and berry crunch has some punch ( pun😆) seriously can be dialed down by the cream but if you use it in a fruit like try it lower than average otherwise it’ll take over the batch.

I found it


You can try using this common formatting to get more recipe results in the what can I make option… also for more info with the ingredients you want to use. You will find out later that using this common format will help in a lot of ways… mainly keeping your stash in good order.

Use this format

Berry Crunch (TPA)
Sweet Cream (TPA)
Marshmallow (TPA)

Instead of this.

Berry Crunch
Sweet Cream


Thanks! I will give that a shot, but I am not sure it will have enough flavor for me. We will see :smile:

I will give the recipe with less flavoring a chance, but these numbers look like they are close to how much I would like.

As I said, adjust to taste. I personally will not use more than 24% flavor in a recipe. Any more and you’re on your own. It should be a starting point if nothing else…