Help dyi liquid coating my mouth

Hey I’m just wondering if anyone knows why i feel like my dyi liquid coats my mouth in something. I started with 50/50 vg pg but tried adding more pg just in case it was that.

Well you sort of coat it in PG, VG and flavoring - Are you by any chance using recipes with lots of flavoring? Are you drinking enough water? Is your PG and VG of good quality?

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Hey thanks for replying so quickly. I’m not having any of these problems with none dyi stuff. I got everything from a website called Not sure of the quality of the pg or vg but flavours are Capella and flovour west. With 20ml of vg and pg Im adding about 3ml of flavours in total. not sure if that’s not enough or too much. I drink a lot lol

Hmm ok, that’s odd. I don’t know vapable, but I know of them, and as far as I can tell they have good stuff. 3 ml in 20 ml total is 15% which seems fine for Capella’s. Do you have the problem constantly? If I’ve vaped a lot an evening, I can wake up with a bad tasting coated mouth :stuck_out_tongue: But that’s pretty rare for me…

It is constant if I use my own stuff, if I don’t use it I’m fine gaping on one hit wonder etc

Strange. Try making a flavorless liquid (it’s pretty good) - if the problem is not there, then it has to be the flavoring… Which Capella-flavors have you tried?

I I will try that tomorrow, flavours I did chinniom Danish1ml, cream0.5ml with Apple1ml pie and blackberry0.5ml

So I tried the vg and pg on its own and got the same mouth thing. I tend to vape around 15watts and think that’s where the problem lies. I upped it to 25watts and it seems to have solved the issue. I might leave my eliquid to steep a few more days before I try it again but hopefully the high wattage has solved the problem. Thank u for helping me out. I will update in a few days

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Craved and tried the flavour one again lol. Problem is solved now. Sorry so many replies. Flavour is good just abit too sweet for me


Are you wrapping your own coils? if so are you cleaning the wire first?

I’ve just been using my manger tech nano to test them out. I haven’t got into building my own coils yet

This sounds like spitback. Is the coil actually spitting juice into your mouth?

Yea not always though.

I think you’ve right, I switched between mine and one hit wonder and there is definitely a lot more spit up with my own mix. I compared both liquids and mines a lot runnier. So would this mean I need more vg instead of pg ?

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There are several factors that cause spitting and gurgling.
All tanks are a siphon style, and there is a negative vacuum inside, so there will always be an accumulation of e-juice as you use it. The more e-juice you keep in the tank [full vs low] the less gurgling you should have. I keep mine at least 3/4 full generally. I also clean my tips often with a q-tip.
When you get an over-accumulation of e-juice, and to avoid taking the tank halfway apart, remove your tip, wrap a kleenex around the end of your tank and mod, and shake it downward to draw the extra juice out of the chimney/coil with gravity, then wipe your tip dry.
I use/make a lot of 50/50 e-juice, and don’t see that as the problem, necessarily. What is your store bought juice…it should say it on the bottle, 50/50…60/40…? What coils are you using? The wick could be a factor. When I began wrapping/wicking my own coils, I had a huge learning curve with wicking. Too packed, I would get dry hits…too loose, I got a lot of leakage.
What ohm coils do you use, and how do you vape…lung hits or mouth to lung hits? I now only make/use two coils…a 0.8ohm and a 1.2ohm, and I mouth to lung hit. Most juice I make is 50pg/50vg but sometimes 40pg/60vg and I have the same factors between them all. I vape wattage at 16w [as opposed to temperature vaping ocassionally].
I don’t see if you said what tank and mod you are using, which also could [would] have a role in this. I am far away from being an expert, and not being there, it’s hard to begin to diagnose, but these are just experiences I have had…and how I dealt with my issues. I hope something here makes sense.

Tanks/mods I have are veporesso target, 0.9 coil. I only use this one for my vinilla eliquid lol.
kangertech nano with the square 0.5 coils, I genreally use this to test new juices etc, or if I want some thing other then vinilla. I have about 3 tanks for this, the one it came with and then two Gemini mini tanks. The main tank is the one I’ve been using to test out my dyi eliquid.
Then I have kangertech nebox which I’m using the square 0.5 coils with.

My dyi eliquid probably ended up 40vg 60pg maybe even 30/70vgpg. My main juice is one hit wonder which is 80vg 20pg I think.
My preferred wattage is 15w, but go up to 30w sometimes depending on what I prefer that day.

If you’re getting spit-back, first try running a cotton swab down through the tip and into the chimney. I do this frequently, the way that pipe smokers run a pipe cleaner through the stem and shank of their pipe while smoking. When you’re drawing an aerosol through a device, build-up on the interior wall of the draw chamber is inevitable. If this doesn’t fix the problem, your coil is probably shot and should be replaced (assuming you’re using pre-built disposable coils; if rebuildable, then you need to change the wicking material). As the cotton is used over time, it becomes increasingly less capable of effective wicking, and you end up sucking in incompletely aerosolized juice, hence the mouth coating. The classic symptoms of needing to change your cotton or your disposable pre-built coil are: spit-back despite conscientious drying out of the draw chamber, a sustained burnt taste when you vape, decreased vapor production, sometimes coupled with your cotton turning dark brown or black. You may also notice a tightening of the draw as the wicking material gets gunked up. Cotton wicking and pre-built coils don’t come with an on/off switch - they die slowly over time, and it’s up to your subjective judgement as to when you replace them. The nice thing is, even if you delay replacing your coil, you’re not damaging your tank, the way you’d damage your car engine if you delayed getting an oil change. Even if you’re using a pre-built disposable coil, if you’re just not getting the vaping experience you’re used to, then go ahead and replace it. It’s still less than the cost of a pack of cigarettes.

Regarding power levels, that really shouldn’t matter - you shouldn’t have to go to higher voltage/wattage to avoid spit-back. Otherwise, you’d get spit-back by sucking on the device without even pressing the button (which would be symptomatic of a leaky tank, not a power problem).

Similarly, the PG/VG ratio shouldn’t matter - a higher PG content might result in more audible “boiling”, but a well-functioning coil head should be able to handle that without spitting.

One caveat about power settings: the higher the power setting, the more you really need to draw on the device - if you set it at 30W and then press the button and use a wimpy draw, the liquid is just sitting there boiling in the coil head with nowhere to go. This might result in some spit-back. I know it’s counter-intuitive, but the higher the power, the more aggressive your draw needs to be. You need that extra airflow to keep things moving.

I hope this helps.

Yea used coil would make sense actually. Because I use so many different tanks through the day I don’t tend to change them as much. I’m abit weird in that sense lol I use different ones for different flavours, specially mentol ones. I hate how mentol hangs around for days.

Funny, I sometimes vape a really strong DIY menthol recipe in my Crown tank and it is gone after a about 10 puffs when I switch to other flavors. Must be that the Uwell Crown tank coils are really good at cleaning themselves out.

I can taste mentol in my brothers after 4 days lol. I think it’s just me. My brother can’t taste it at all either when I can