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Help first time mixing


I’m going to try my first single flavor mix. I have 48% nic vg and a few flavors. Let’s say I want to make a 20ml bottle @ 3mg nicotine. What would the proportions be? Most recipes I see use 100% nicotine, …thinking mine is 48% I should double it? I generally vape 70\30 mix. I bought a scale as well seems more accurate.


Sorry for the short reply, I don’t want to be unhelpful, but most of your questions are answered in this post:

And I highly recommend reading a lot, #e-liquids:beginners is a great place to start, you can speed up your journey by picking off the pinned posts.
While your first liquids are steeping, there’s plenty more to read to kill the time :wink:


Please look at the % you are stating 100mg/ml is 10% nicotine your 48mg/ml is 4.8% nicotine.

Click on the create recipe and use the ELR calculator enter the following.

You can change the PG/VG ratio to your desired ratio and change the PG/VG ratio of your nic to be correct.

Click on the add flavour button and add your flavouring in the calculator will do the rest



Welcome and glad you joined.
Looks like you have a little reading to do. Might want to watch a few you tube videos in order to get the hang of it.


Hello @RexRabbit, welcome to ELR, this is a great site! I am also a newbie and I learn a lot.
I think the best thing, in addition to the previous recommendations, would be to learn how to use the calculator correctly. Here you can do it:
I think that the “resources” page of ELR is the most forgotten one. Enjoy reading, partner.


Welcome @RexRabbit, looks like the previous responses should more than cover your needs but if you still need some help just ask. There are a lot of resources to get you started in the forums and resource pages but don’t let it overwhelm you all of the above references are worth the read if you are just getting started.


Found the calculator and was successful on my first simple mix. Thanks for the help everyone. Now it’s time to wade through the millions of flavors and get my collection started.:wink:


What do you like ? For example like fruit flavors or dessert flavors tobacco flavors candy flavors bakery flavors?


Welcome to the bottomless money pit (AKA. The Rabbit Hole)


The calculator does all the work I love it I just started mixing recently.


Congrats, welcome to money saving… Until it becomes a hobby… And then it can be a money pit lmao


So true but how many hobbies taste this dang good


Couldn’t have said it any better myself


Even with the hundreds, upon hundreds of dollars we have invested in vaping and mixing equipment, and flavor concentrates, not smoking had saved us THOUSANDS! :grin:


Are you sure about that statement?!
Well at least she doesn’t know how much I spend on her!


Thanks to vaping I quit smoking 6 years ago… It’s all good :slight_smile:


Thanks for all your support the mixing is going great… The calculator is the bomb!