Help - flavor fading away

I’ve noticed that in juices with lime (I’m using Key Lime by TPA) the lime seems to fade away in a couple of weeks. Is there anything I can do to prevent this, or at least slow the process down a bit? Thanks in advance.

Have you tried just adding a few drops of straight key lime flavor into the existing mix you’re vaping to see if you can “bring it back to life”? I’m not sure there is a flavor preservative measure that can be taken, so boosting the existing mix may have to suffice.


Are you using Ethyl Maltal or Cotton Candy to sweeten? If so it can weaken the other flavor with time. Use Marshmallow instead… Malted Milk can weaken other flavors too…


If your not using either EM or cotton candy or any type of additive be it Vanillin, smooth,vape wizard ect. then I am wondering what % is your base and do you add any distilled water to your mixes. Higher VG sometimes can also mute your flavors overtime. Try what Jimk has recommended and try to spruce it up add small % to the mix and move up if need be. Good luck !

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Yes, Smooth might do it as well (same as Vape Wizard)

Thank you all for your help - the mix is 30pg/70vg, and no sweeteners or smooth in the mix. I have been refreshing it with a little more lime - was just wondering if there might be an alternative. It’s a lime/honeydew/strawberry mix. I wonder if the sweetness of the honeydew is having an effect… I think I might up the lime and drop the honeydew a percentage or two.

Ah well, experimenting is part of the fun, right? :slight_smile: Thanks again for the good advice.


Perhaps it’s just a matter of steeping bringing out the flavors you would rather be more subtle. In that case tone down the overpowering. Touch more of what you want. In this case you’re gonna have to steep fully to see if it’s what you really want…


Honeydew is overpowering certainly at first then about a week later is subtle. The only key lime I’ve worked with is Lorann’s and it was good to the last drop at around 4-6%. May think about the change in the flavor you want to come out and maybe by a different maker ? Tasty puff also has lemon lime kamikaze little higher on the % used but still yummy. Playing around is the fun part your right.

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I wonder if a touch of citric acid would do the trick. Perhaps something natural like…lime juice?


Vape faster. :slight_smile: Or make smaller batches of that so you can use it up before the lime fades.
Try what SthrnMixer said: a touch of citric acid would do the trick. Perhaps something natural like…lime juice?