Help for Old Newbie!

I’m so new and nervous! I read, read, read, but tech challenged too; questions…do I need calibrate my scale every time I use it? Also, when you get new bag of chubby gorilla bottles do you wash and sterilize first? Thank you for all help…finally quit smoking now terrified cuz all this banning news crap!


First of all, welcome, and congratulations on quitting smoking! That’s a big achievement!

About the scale, no, you don’t need to calibrate it everytime you use it. I usually calibrate it around a month or so. However, if you’re not sure, go for it.
About the bottles, I would recommend you wash (and if possible, sterilize) them before using. The reason for this is that new bottles might have dust or other particulates on them, that might carry in to your mix, and then in to your lung.

Good luck and have fun mixing, @CindyC !


I normally place one of my calibration weights on my scale. If I feel it’s off I go through the steps to recalibrate. Typically between 1-2 months.

As for bottles. Yeah, I clean every time. Even if they are new. Who really can trust the manufactures cleaning procedures. A few minutes of cleaning to provide peace of mind when I vape my mix a month later to me is worth it.


Well, my scale does not allow to calibrate … And yes, I clean bottles all the time, the new ones too … The glass ones, I boil them in water for a few minutes. Welcome, and calm, here there are always connected people, who will help with your doubts


Welcome to ELR @CindyC, very glad to hear you were tired of smoking, keeping up with the news, and great that you stopped by.

What scale do you have ?

Like others, I only cal my scale after I move it, and/or every other week. Doesn’t even have to be much, but if I even move it a few inches, I cal it, hehe. I like accuracy. As @delltrapp and @Chrispdx mentioned, cleaning is NEVER a bad idea with almost ANYTHING related to vaping. New tank in the mailbox, clean it out. Bottles, never a bad idea either. If you use beakers, syringes, etc., keep them clean as well. Hell, keep your work station (mixing area) clean as well. We’ll back you up !!!


Damn it …i knew I was doing something wrong


Thanks! Lol, took me forever to find how to ask and same to answer! I’m not much of a cellphone user, lol! Appreciate this entire forum and you tube! I never even heard of vaping until last September w juul news. Tried that…was horrid…finally found Matt from smm YouTube then went to vape shop with a list! Started in January and boom!, after years of giving up…quit smoking ( no one else in my circles even smoked!) I fell in love w vaping and wish I could get meeting w President or idiots at FDA! XOXO


Welcome Cindy and congrats on your decision to start mixing. I’m all for cleaning everything. I actually clean down my table with a mix of Clorox and peroxide and water before mixing, a throwback to my hospital days where everything had to be disinfected. I wash out all new bottles in hot water and soap and let them air dry. I don’t calibrate but now I probably will because that didn’t even cross my mind to do it more than the first time. The folks around here are always so helpful and they’ve saved my brain on many occasions A quick note, what device you’re vaping on does make a difference in how you’re mixing. Someone using an RDA vs someone using a mouth to lung tank can make a mix taste different. My husband still uses a nautilus mini tank, and me and my mom use a tobecco super tank (sub-ohm) I can’t do the RDA because it’s too powerful for me. When testing mixes though, I’ll use a mtl rdta just to see the differences flavors. Wish you all the luck in the world and again, Welcome.