Help! How to dilute Medicine Flower

Okay guys I’m showing my blonde roots here. Say I wanted to make a 15 ml bottle of medicine flower concentrate. How exactly would I do that? I know in my recipes I want 0.9 % added to a recipe. So could you please help me figure out how to turn that into a pg concentrate like my other flavors? And then once I do that… wouldn’t I have to increase how much I used in a recipe?

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Hey Michelle!

So I take it you’re talking about dilution here.

The short answer is:

1.5ml of Medicine Flower
13.5ml of PG (Or whatever carrier base you would like to use)

If the recipe calls for .9% of undiluted Medicine Flower (which is .09mls), then you are going to move the decimal point one spot to the right, turning it into 9% (.9mls per 10ml)

I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you need any clarification.


thank you so much Donovan!


Go to Create Recipe
Call it MF (flavor) 10%
Zero VG and Nic
10% Flavor

Example -

MF Watermelon 10%

Ingredient %
Watermelon (MF) 10

Flavor total: 10%

Remember to rate it at!

It will create a flavor dilution of 10%. Basically the same thing @DonovanECX DonovanECX said. And like he said, since it’s 10% then just move the decimal 1 spot to the right when using it in a mix. I have a few of these I use and they’re very helpful when mixing potent flavors (FLV RIch Cinnamon and Lime are two examples). But for the MF there is also an added benefit. The dilutions in PG will actually kind of steep so after a month or so they can almost be a shake and vape flavoring. I believe @Amy2 has made some MF dilutions with VG, but I’ve not seen any of her reports of how they came out or if steep times were reduced.


Good point! You still need a full steep to really get the most out of the flavor, but surely diluting it first cuts down on the time. Lots of MF takes upwards of a month to really emerge.

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I diluted the MF extract at 1.5 %- 2% on each flavor I had. I don’t feel it reduced steep time too much.
Strawberry - at 2% dilution in a 10 ml batch of vg I have used it successfully at 4-9%

Vanilla - at 1.5% dilution in vg 10ml batch used it successfully around 9-10% ( It was a little weak could have brought it up to around 3% and it would of been more effective. ) Vanilla MF is a weaker extract but it is my favorite.

Blueberry- at 2% dilution in vg in a 10 ml batch used it around the 1.5% range I didn’t like this flavor so tbh I can’t say for a fact that it was successful considering I didn’t like the out come but it was more tolerable than compared to when I used it as an extract at even 0.30%.

Watermelon- 2% dilution in vg 10 ml batch used it at 1-1.25% with better flavor to me than the extract that I am really starting to wrap my head around how to use it…just barely. I have paired up watermelon MF and watermelon TFA ( say what ? yes I know …thought I wrote it off…) Thing is to me watermelon MF smells like a nasty finger nail polish or varnish something not good. Wtm TFA smells great but is sickly sweet and i’ve burned myself out on it as it used to be my fav so I use the TFA to scent the MF wtm n it works well so far !

I want more Lotus / MF flavors just got to get sometime and look at which ones are more successful than others.

Here’s a lil recipe I made using the watermelon trick

Summer's Nectar

Ingredient %
Cactus (INAWERA) 1
Coconut Extra (TPA) 0.5
Jamaican Rum (FA) 0.4
Lime (Flavorah) 0.2
Orange (FA) 0.75
Pineapple (FA) 0.3
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 1.5
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 3
Watermelon (MF) 0.3
Watermelon (TPA) 1.75

Flavor total: 9.7%

Remember to rate it at!

I personally have kept my extracts undiluted. I have standalone mixes, mixed in varying ratios from 0.5% to 1.5% from December and January in all VG mixes and have found the flavour fades considerably from freshly mixed and vaped after 2-3 weeks to what I am sampling now the same mixes 12 weeks later.

I would personally worry that if diluted for mixes or just concentrate storage the flavours, they would steep naturally in the VG/PG dilutent and start to fade after 3 months. Based on this?

Also I have mixed them in soft plastic (LDPE)? and some leech (Caramel, Vanilla, Orange and Blueberry) and this may have contributed to flavour fade.

If you have glass bottles definitely dilute and store your diluted concentrated or mixes in these would be my advise.



For me these flavors are perfect as is. I’m afraid I might ruin them by tampering with them. I like mixing highly concentrated flavors anyway. VG isn’t a good flavor carrier so I’m concerned it might adversely affect the concentrates.

I only mix and store in glass. I do use plastic for transporting and filling tanks. I usually refill my plastic bottles once a week or so for work.


So do you need to dilute MF? Gee it’s exensive does this last for along time though?

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I’m guessing this is not used the same way other consintrates are used could you please explain how I use MF please?

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So basically what I’m trying to also understand is how you dilute this if you add 2% watermelon to vg to make 10ml batch how much vg do you add? And then how do you work out how much of that to use in a recipe this has just got really confusing to me


Use it the way you use others, just mete it out in much lower %'s, as notes and recipes indicate. *I don’t dilute it either…


Ok thankyou

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Yes, same as Phil here. I don’t dilute. I don’t think too many of us do. If you’re making a 15ml SFT at .9%, it looks like this:

As long as you have a scale that reads to 2 decimals (0.01) you just slowly add drops until it reads .13g. No need to dilute, unless you just feel more comfortable measuring out 9%. Hope this helps!

Edit: If you need really tiny amounts, like .05%, it’s going to read .01g. At this point, you may want to dilute, because most drops average .02g. But, I haven’t seen any cases of this. There could be some merit to it, though. Something to think about.


whats SFT mean? I’m still learning the language lol

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And yes thankyou this was helpful do I really have to spend up to $35 on each flavour of MF this is very expensive I’m in Australia and this is the price I’m looking at not even sure how much I get for that didn’t get that far just had a quick look and seen the price then came on here to find out more about it really because me and pg are not getting on very well

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SFT does that stand for single flavour test?


15ml is $35 I’m stupid and didn’t look properly

Check this thread, there are a couple of links to AU suppliers in the first post. Hopefully the price is more reasonable than $35!

And, you nailed it! SFT=Single Flavo(u)r Test! :grinning:

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Tara9 it isn’t necessary to dilute MF extracts but I did an experiment to see if using them in a base such as VG would help reduce steep time …it did not. Use MF as you would any concentrate but keep in mind they’re infinitely more potent than the standard flavor. If a recipe calls for 1% then use it at that 1% no need to configure any special formula… I did use the calculator on ELR to figure out my calculations as for now that you are in the beginners phase just know it isn’t necessary I was just sharing that you could dilute them.