HELP! How to finish prep oil based orange concentrates

I recently purchased 10ml of Sweet Orange TPA and whipped up a mix not realizing it was oil based The next day I grabbed the bottle and noticed there was a thin layer of oil on top of the mix and sure enough it was orange oil and tasted just like I was chewing on an orange peel lol. The next day i went to the store that I got it from and asked if there was an orange that was not oil based and turns out they are all oil based but one is already prepped and finished for mixing which if i remember correctly it was Flavor Art.

So my question is how do i finish prep this Sweet Orange so that I can start mixing up some good recipes with it separating and tasting like orange peel??

Any help is much appreciated!

This stuff should not be vaped. I don’t see it for sale anymore on their website either. Says it hazardous when breathed in.

Make candy with it or use it on your air filter/as an air freshener?


Wow is that shit for real?

Correction, they do sell it but it is for making perfume. Print out that sheet and get your money back. Tell that store they are endangering their customers for not knowing WTF they are selling. :rage:


Damn good thing i didn’t hit it to much! I messaged them on Facebook and warned them about the flavor and sent them the msds. Now im going to call them because I know the store manager.


I looked at various vendors, but none of them sell sweet orange TPA.
They sell Orange Mandarin which is just PG based and has no msds sheet.
They have the same kinda warnings on anything containing diacetyl as well and I vape the shit out of that, but you shouldn’t be vaping anything oil based.

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I’ve contacted TPA about this flavour, if and when I get a response I’ll let you know.
Also the MSDS sheet warnings from flavours with Diacetyl still say they are PG based and not oil like the orange.

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Awesome thanks for the help! :+1::+1:

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Got a prompt reply :grinning:


The flavors that we sell, including Orange (Sweet) are concentrated Food-Safe flavors, used in the flavor industry as general purpose flavorings for all food-based applications. They are concentrated, and need to be handled properly as specified in the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) that we provide for all our flavors on our website. The Perfumer’s Apprentice does not guarantee the safety of these flavors for any non-food application. We do not guarantee that any flavor is safe for inhalation. There has simply not been enough industry testing done yet.


Well, I guess they would say that if I asked about a flavour containing diketones too, but I’ve compared the MSDS sheet from a diketone flavour (Belgian Waffle) with the one from Sweet Orange and the warnings are pretty different. Keep away from heat is one you won’t find in the diketone warning sheet. Neither what you see below, so just don’t vape it.
Flammable Liquids, Category 4
Aspiration Toxicity, Category 2
Skin Corrosion/Irritation, Category 3
Aquatic Toxicity (Acute), Category 3
Aquatic Toxicity (Chronic), Category 4

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Awesome work Detective Jose!