Help! How to Make the Best Chocolate-Cream-Coffee E-Liquid?

First of all, I wish everyone a good day.

I have a concern; I’m crazy about the trio of chocolate - cream - coffee, and I can’t enjoy any other e-liquid. No matter what I buy, it just goes to waste.

Here is the list of the flavors I have:

TFA Double Chocolate (Clear) 10ml
TFA White Chocolate 10ml
TFA Sweet Cream 10ml
TFA Vanilla Swirl 10ml
Flavour Art Coffee 10ml

I want to make experiments with 5ml, 10ml, etc., to find a flavor I like. Honestly, I don’t know how much of each I should use. I prefer to follow suggestions rather than experimenting randomly. Since I’m going to make a small batch, I won’t have much to lose. Do you think I can achieve the desired result? Are these flavors good? I’m open to your ratio suggestions. Of course, it’s not necessary to mix all these flavors into one e-liquid; I can try different combinations. I also bought extra white chocolate; I will try that too.


Welcome to ELR @uikadircan, I would first suggest looking at the recipe site: for recipe profiles using those flavors, read the flavor notes / percentages used and also single testing each flavor solo


Welcome :grin: Try some mocha flavors as they (mostly) have the chocolate built-in. Also, some dulce de leche flavors do a decent job of a chocolate emulation.


Here’s one that you could substitute the Cap Sweet Cream for TFA


Coffee Front Liquid Recipe:

Flavour Art Coffee: 3% (0.15 ml)
TFA Sweet Cream: 2% (0.1 ml)
TFA Double Chocolate (Clear): 2% (0.1 ml)
TFA Vanilla Swirl: 1% (0.05 ml)
TFA White Chocolate: (Optional) 1% (0.05 ml) - Since the flavor profile of white chocolate is lighter, adding this aroma, if you choose to, will impart a mild sweetness and creaminess to the overall taste profile of the liquid.
Total Liquid Quantity: 5 ml

What do you think about this recipe? I want coffee to be in the foreground, followed by a chocolate cream. This is what I have in mind; I guess we’ll learn through trial and error, but I still wanted to get some information beforehand. Thank you very much, by the way.


You could also look at chocolate cappuccino recipes like this Check cookies


The FA Coffee is a strong concentrate, have you tried it at 3% ?
I would start with,
Flavour Art Coffee: 2%
TFA Sweet Cream: 2%
TFA Double Chocolate (Clear): 2%


Welcome to the forum!

Are you only able to work with TPA or do you have access to other brands?


You’re welcome, thank you. I have all the products I mentioned. These should be sufficient because I want to experiment with these combinations. I want the taste of chocolate cream to come after, following the taste of coffee. Or it could be coffee upfront, followed by creamy chocolate. I’ll try them all. I’ll definitely share the most positive result here.


Welcome and glad you joined.


FA Coffee 1%
TFA Sweet Cream 3%
TFA Vanilla Swirl 1%
TFA Double Chocolate 3%

FA Coffee is very, very strong.


I have prepared a to-do list in this way until another idea comes up.

Formula 1:

  • FA Coffee: 1%
  • TFA Sweet Cream: 3%
  • TFA Vanilla Swirl: 1%
  • TFA Double Chocolate: 2%
  • TFA White Chocolate: 1%

Formula 2:

  • TFA White Chocolate: 4%
  • TFA Sweet Cream: 3%
  • Flavour Art Coffee: 1%
  • TFA Double Chocolate (Clear): 1%
  • TFA Vanilla Swirl: 1.5%

Formula 3:

  • TFA White Chocolate: 1%
  • TFA Vanilla Swirl: 1%
  • TFA Double Chocolate (Clear): 2%
  • TFA Sweet Cream: 2%
  • Flavour Art Coffee: 2%

Should be a great start for narrowing down what you like.