Help! I love Dr Pepper

Can someone please help me with a simple recipe for Dr Pepper?

I mainly use TPA essences mixed with 100% VG

Here are my “stash”:

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Many ppl say that TFA Plum comes off as Dr. Pepper ! Perhaps you can blend it w/ Cola and get the perfect fix !

That link is the flavor page for TFA Plum go down to the notes section


I bought TFA Plum because it should taste like Dr Pepper.
I tried it straight up and mixed with Dr Pop, but it was no way near.

I haven’t tried it with cola yet, maybe I should give that a try


Looks like from the notes I read that the %s used varies greatly you could see if the Cola helps at all. Good luck

I don’t know about a recipe because I haven’t used it yet, but FW Dr Pepper/Soda Type smells EXACTLY like Dr Pepper. It smells like it would taste great… don’t know if does though.


FW Dr Soda is a good flavor to get you close. I haven’t tried but Amaretto would be a good add to it… think Flaming Dr Pepper. There was speculation back in the day that one of the flavors used in Dr Pepper was prune juice so that may also explain why the plum tastes similar to it. Which now I think of it cola, plum and amaretto may get you super close.


I made this a while ago. WLLMC put this up on VU. It taste pretty good. I’m pretty sure he took it down a while ago.

Dr. F’n Pepper :’n%20Pepper

0.5% Almond (FA)
1% Black Cherry (FA)
0.5% Bourbon (Vanilla Bourbon) (FA)
0.5% Caramel (FA)
0.5% Marzipan (FA)
2% USA Pleasure (Cola) (FA)

Flavor total: 5%
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I’ve made a variation of wllmcc’s DP recipe several times. It’s pretty good, but I had to step it up a little, as I mix max VG.
I went like:
.75% FA Almond
1.5% FA Black Cherry
1% FA Vanilla Bourbon
1.5% FA Caramel
1% FA Marzipan
3% FA Cola

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I’ve tried this and its a good blend between cherry coke/dr. pepper. Couldn’t use it as an ADV but def good flavor though. (personal preference of flavor.) I found this same one looking for a cherry coke recipe but in the same class.