Help, lemo 2 dry hits

I’m getting pretty tired of dry hits in my lemo 2. I’ve tried long wicking, short wicking, tight coils, gapped coils, low ohm coils, high ohm coils, low watts, high watts, 50/50 juice, 80/20 juice, wide bore tips to narrow bore tips.
It seems I have to either break the deal with the top cap or prime it with a non fired draw. Anybody know of something I’m missing.
I’m using 26 's kanthal. On a ipv3 like mod. Thanks

What are you using for the wicking material?

I had similar problems with the lemo 2 - dry hits, always. The solution? I put it in the drawer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: that’s what worked best for me! It was possible to use it w/o dry hits, but I had to suck juice into the chamber first by closing the airflow and then take a hit.

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Yes that’s how I have to do it to avoid dry hits. I’m using plain cotton for wicking.

Dry hits with the lemo2 here as well. I fixed it but. Tighten the chimney then mark where the juice channels are. Then use yr favourite tool to grind some furrows into the chimney. Don’t go as far as the thread.


That’s a good idea I might try that this weekend, thanks

I notched my chimney, and it works better, thanks

If you are afraid to ruin your Lemo 2 chimney, I can promise you that you can pick up this chimney for the Orchard clone and it works perfectly in the Lemo 2. Also great if you somehow lose your own chimney for only $2.28.

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Use pancake wicking. Cut wick so that it just reaches the bottom of the deck ledge. I usually will just blow at the wick until it is fanned out. Put on barrel which will pull the fluffed out wick down, gently tuck in any stray wick that is standing up, and then use a tiny screwdriver down the barrel to the wicking port and move the wick away from the barrel, just so that if you shined a light into the wicking hole you could see it looking down into the barrel. I have never encountered dry hits using this method, I usually use higher vg 80% in all my mixes.

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I have 5 Lemo 2s and with pancake wicking, even at only 25-30 watts, it turns to dry very quickly, having used 50/50 or 70/30

(edited as I mistakenly typed 17-22 watts when I meant 25-30)

Well, IDK, I’ve never had any wicking problems with my Lemo2 using this method.

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I think I’ve found my solution to dry hits accidentally. I had notched the chimney and that worked a little better, but I was still getting dry hits. I built another coil and found that I bent the leads to far below the coil. This made the coil sit higher above the top of the deck. ( about 1/4 ") As I wicked it I thought that I would probably have to rebuild it because this surely is going to give me dry hits. But so far so good no dry hits. ?? I make my wick with cotton and rolled it Not too tight, and cut the ends just above the bottom deck. I’m thinking the wick this way holds more juice and it gives it a chance to keep up?? I pretty much chain vape with deep hits.

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I tend to believe that our sense of flavour changes dramatically over time.
I too did not have any problem, originally with the pancake method and vaped at about 17-23watts at about 0.7.
I loved the Lemo 2 so much, I bought 5 of them, proof that it did work for me, as you are suggesting.

But a year-two later, my wattage has crept up a bit higher as the lungs became healthier and now, at 25-30 watts, I do get the same sort of slightly burned effect that others speak of.
I myself have moved on from the Lemo 2 and all 6 of mine sit unused now but I have thought of drilling out an extra chimney, such as the one I posted above, but just haven’t got around to it but know that many others have and say it makes all the difference.

You know how it is, we all have different senses, at different times and what works for one, might not work for the next but each person is right in what works for them.

I just had a dur moment, something I just thought of, sorry for not mentioning it before, I’ve been using Ti wire in my Lemo2 exclusively since my second build in it, running it in TC. .33 ohms, 460 degrees @ 45watts. Great flavor & clouds. As an aside, I also use the same method to wick my subtank mini in which I run a regular kanthal clapton build @ 35-45w. Now there is a big difference between the subtank & Lemo wicking holes and if you’re running regular kanthal and having problems then the drill out method might be the answer, or try some Ti or SS and use it in temp control. The orchid chimney is a great find. Give it a shot with the drilling.

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Never yet been sold on TC although I do occasionally use SS in it.
Copying your post as i do have some unused T1 wire here I have been meaning to use.
Will give it a try. Thkx