Help making something

I have thw following flavors
White chocolate by flavor west
Vanilla cupcake by tpa
Cake batter dip by flavor west
Cinnamon roll by flavor west
Marshmellow by capella
Yellow cake by flavor west
FW rainbow sherbet.

Already made a asome juice using inaweda and capella for flavors, named it copper canyon
I wanted a funfetti (vanilla cupcaks) with marshmallows thinking the yellow cake and white chocolate plain whotw chocolate cinnamon roll with wjife chocolate but the rainbow shsrbert was sent as a gift i dont know what to do. So far i only made 1 juice 4th try got it right… any help? Limsa new to this

Wanted to make you aware that the Yellow Cake FW and also the Cake Batter Dip FW is on a list warning us that it contains Fructose. We have been warned that Fructose may be bad for us when heated and inhaled. I have stopped using Yellow Cake because of this.

Vanilla Cupcake 4%
Rainbow Sherbert 2-3%
White Chocolate 1%

Never used any of these flavors but I’m told the FW White Chocolate is quite good and most flavors I have used from FW have been quite good if I used them correctly. I wish you had Vanilla Cupcake FW, I am much more familiar with it than TPA’s version. If TPA’s version is good as well then I think these 3 flavor might make a nice slightly fruity cupcake flavor with a touch of sweetness from the White Chocolate. Hope this helps…


Dont pay attention or care for us or geakth canada as Royal Colllege of Pysicians did 16 year study putting it at 99-100% safet earliet PHE said 95% and i used to smoke 4 packs menthol… i got what i want in mind when i ordered the flavots just got a free tiny fw rainvow sherbert. Was thinking cupcake and marshmallows and cinnamon roll white cake and chololate. Got ‘copper canyon’ juice nailed. White chocolate and yellow cake and white chocolaye and batter dio extra chocolats just plain but i dont see adding rainbow shsrber apealing still got 4 120ml bottles i got in spring from miami… maybe cake batyer dio and sherbet idk. I was bot ppanning on THAT flavor tbh. I wanted something a bit better than policeman and i think i got the right ones. I like white chocolaye and is too simple to make. Making like 3 more flavprs out of 4

Im meeping this vanilla cupcake vwrsion az it comes woth glazimg amd sigar sprinkles on profile i want ot for tje policeman improved o hated tje cereal flavpir aboit it

3 sweet vapes and got tje fruit juice masteres withoit any preciois point of referwnce bit an ubknown brand mojabe juoce dragons den only 1 shop in vegas city sells. The flavor was like bothing ive had and no one else has made or rwplicayed it. I repkicated then improved.

Sorry had a recent switch in anxiety meds. Vision gets blurry

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I got a flavor in vegas from a small shop in outskirts that had exclusive righys to that brand but tdp killed it, made my own added some ingredients and made copper canyon juice

Sent recipie to mexico and they copyrighted it ;).

BC mixer this is not on thread, i’m too inexperienced to give you any worthy advice on this matter yet.

However, I love your writing, It makes me smile (not being condescending I hope) keep doing what your doing. I’,m sure your doing your best. I can totally understand where Grubby is coming from, it takes a little extra effort to get your drift. But there is something about it which all makes sense to me.

At the least can you add some paragraph breaks in your posts too. As I find it easier to understand your posts with some white space around it. That will help us all understand you better as you well know your english aint all that proper.

Keep on posting buddy and good luck with the mental health, I have issues too (don’t we all) will keep my eye out for you. what’s your specialty love to know a bit more about your vaping background & where you are from.


Well i studied computer science then electrical ans computer engeneering then experimental psychology. Studied NLP extensively. Came to canada 10 years ago. Started smoking at 18 shisha 4-6hrs nonstop then cigars pipe tobacco then cigarrettes then menthols. I tried vaping in 2008 got my device in 2010. Damn us didnt sell anything back then we had to bring from china but kept smoking till feb 2014 bought an istick 20w from a guy in a place i used to have as a roomaye the device broke 2 weeks layer but store where he got it gave me free replacement. Ended tradind that for coolfire 4 40w now i have 10 apvs ipv8 on the way and one mechanical. I was used to the way i was taught ro make juice do cold water nic extraction then soak vg in natural flavor and add nicotine. So much easier than how i was taught but the clover rum vape my grandfather makes has no match. Aĺl natural flavors… flavor is made from actual clover and some rum. Stocked up in spring and still got like 2l of usa liquid. … still after seeing paragon i figured what i needed and ordered those.4-5 flavors are ment to be made from that. Did not expwct thw free fw rainbow shwrbert bit that os just vg and flavpring and nic…

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Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteers be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe


I got everyone word of that w/o a hitch thanks that was extraterrestrial of u :wink:

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I thought everyone knew that… its old news problen is with these meds is the typos will happen on end letters aswell when i reread the post after getting sleep i could not comprehend it and aparently i couldn’t even see letters right the other time i want a funfetti with policeman mix without nastt cereal ill work on the others once i have this one finished. I think i got the right ingredients from paragon (their awesome) not sure what to name that…

Made something different just named it bakers dream all the flavors gave a good total but taste completly different than expected. Still better to have made 2 unique flacors myself than cloning.