Help me Create an Ejuice! Community e-liquid experiment

Hi Vape Fam, I have a bunch of leftover flavors and would like to create a recipe based on community opinions, ideas. Leave your ideas, recipes, (with the flavors I have) let’s create something great, I’ll mix one that sounds the best, give it a name and I’ll give feedback on what it tastes like… Ps I like vaping at 3mg.

Flavors available:

Acetyl Pyrazine FA - 3-4ml
Almond FA - 5ml
Banana Cream L.O - 3ml
Bavarian Cream FW - 2-3ml
Bavarian Cream TFA - 1ml
Berry Cereal FA - 2ml
Biscuit INW - 16ml
Butter Pecan FW - 4-5ml
Cream Flavorah - 5-6ml
Cream Fresh FA - 2-3ml
Dragon Fruit TFA - 1-2ml
Dx Graham Cracker PA - 3ml
Fruit Rings FW - 1ml
Fuji Apple FA - 8ml
Hazelnut FW - 3-4ml
Lemon INW - 5-6ml
Lemonade FW - 7ml
Marshmallow FA - 0.5-1ml
Meringue FA - 4ml
Raspberry (malina) INW - 3-4ml
Sweet Cream FA - 4ml
Sweetner TFA - 3ml
Torrone FA - 5-6ml
Vanilla Custard TFA - 2-3ml
Wild Cherry FW - 4-5ml

Let’s Go!!



Have you tried this yet?


Fuji apple 2%
DX Graham cracker 2%
Cream fresh .5%
Lemon.3% to help make apple a bit juicer
Add some almond or hazelnut if I’d like at .5to 1%


I tried only 2 flavors available lol. Thought of something new… With some input from the pros here


Welcome to ELR! You’ll find some very open to collaboration peeps here. You may want to spend some time getting to know the depths and the folks before jumping right in asking to collaborate, though. I’m pretty sure that’s why you got a couple of responses showing you the “what can i make” function. It is a great place to start once you have your flavor stash updated.

We can see you’ve only been around for a few minutes here, so we don’t know your mixing experience or flavor tendencies, style and all that jazz. Have you been mixing for a while and just joined here? Are you on step 1 or 50 of the learning and getting your legs phase? It’ll help to know how much experience you have. There aren’t actually steps like that, just a way to say are you a noob to mixing or just to ELR?

Anyway… i hope lots more here catch this and have fun with you regardless of all of that. I haven’t used any of your flavors, so I’m of no help.

Happy mixing and welcome, again!


Thanks for the breakdown. I’ve always being observing from a far on the eliquid website and forums, Facebook, never really got in loved… Actually my second account as I just can’t remember the password and I can’t reset it because I can’t remember the password to that email address either lol! I’ve made about 20 recipes in total, some being Raspberry macaroons, bombies Nana cream, strawberry shake, nutty nutz, vanilla custard , fruit loops cereal with milk, lemony cream biscuit… Mostly desert flavors but I do like all kinds tbh, not very picky… All were pretty good and the start was rough as most diy-ers would know… Most of the recipes I got from here… I mixed about 100x30ml bottles when I was vaping for 2yrs, I picked up the smokes again for a year or two and been back vaping now for a month and don’t know why I ever stopped, I’m into my mods and rtas as well , still got the minikin boost v2, ammit dual rta, now I’m on the innokin 220w with the Zeus X rta… Reason I like mixing my own flavors 1 being I get to create something and really love diy-ing, other being its just so much more cost effective… I do vape a lot and the Zeus chuggs juice ! I’m going to get back into mixing flavors but need to get rid of these lying around before the next purchase… Would love to get a couple of recipes from the comments even if it’s just a 10ml mix I’m up for experimenting… Hope that gives some background…


This is one that I like. You have the ingredients.


I have never tried this, I’ll leave that up to you. Let me know.


Will try it out and let you know. Thanks


Just mixed this up, right off the bat, it’s citrusy, a refreshing vape, the Graham cracker is prominent and the lemon, mightve been to strong with my measurement on that with. 4ml and not. 3ml… But all round not bad at all, will. Let it steep a bit and try out to see if the apple notes come through

I think this will need some steeping but I’m mixing it right now, I’ll give it a little shake and vape and then set it aside for a few weeks. Lmk what you think! I love collaborations! (The name is boring, I know. Lol)


Hello and welcome

Hazelnut FW 1.5%
Butter Pecan FW 1.5%
Bavarian Cream TFA 2%
Marshmallow FA 1%
Lemonade FW 1%

Just for an idea I have not the most of this flavours.

Torrone FA 1%
Biscuit INW 1.5%
Cream Fresh FA 1.5%
Raspberry (malina) INW 1%

Also just an idea.
Have fun.