Help me find recipes

Can anyone help me find some recipes I can make with my first purchase of flavors. I compiled my first order from the recommendations of others, but now can’t find a single recipe using only what I have. Here is the list of flavors I have.
Fuji-FA 30ml
Ripe Strawberry-TFA 30ml
Sweet Strawberry-Cap 30ml
Peach-RF 10ml
Raspberry-Cap 13ml
Cherry-RF 10ml
Blueberry (Extra)-TFA 10ml
Wild Blueberry-TFA 10ml
Watermelon-TFA 10ml
Dragonfruit-TFA 10ml
Lemon Sicily-FA 10ml
Vanilla Custard V2-Cap 30ml
Cheesecake (Graham Crust)-TFA 30ml
DX Bavarian Cream-TFA 4oz
Graham Cracker V2-Cap 13ml
Nonna’s Cake-FA 10ml
NY Cheesecake V2-Cap 13ml
Caramel V2 - Cap 13ml
Cotton Candy-TFA 10ml
Carrot Cake-RF 10ml
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream-Cap 13ml
Cream Cheese Icing-LA 10ml
Marshmallow-FA 10ml
Cowboy Blend-FA 10ml
Virginia-FA 10ml
Burley-FA 10ml

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What do you want to make, flavor profile wise?

Try single flavor recipes first…

Then look at other recipes you’d like to make using the flavors you like and order more flavors

Also look at other recipes and adapt them to what you have…

For example

I think you have the strawberry

Just don’t have the same versions of the custard and cheesecake…

Once you try the single flavors you’ll know if this recipe might taste good . Adapting it to the ingredients you have

Here’s my version of it once I adapted it to what I had on hand…


Have you tested them all as singles? Fuji, RF Peach, RF Cherry and the Cap VBIC are all good as singles, for my palate anyway. You can try an adaptation of one of my favorites called Iumentum’s Elixir.

I have a few different versions of this using the VBIC instead of cream and you’ve got all the fruits.


I’ve tried a number of the fruits as singles, but to be honest I’m not liking them. It seems they have a bad throat hit with 3mg nic and an 80/20 mix, which is what I’ve been vaping for years. I’ve tried adding sweeteners, but it seems I have to add a ton, and it still not really impressed. Don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but it doesn’t seem that I am.

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Yeah, I think I’m going to order some Sweet Cream today, since it seems to show up in so many recipes. Thanks for the tip on the recipe.

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Probably not. This is all subjective. It may seem an obvious question but are you steeping them very long? Sometimes that helps. Is your nic fresh? Other than that, yeah you’re probably doing everything right, just more sensitive to throat hit than I am. Creams can help mellow that a lot of times or, since you’re ordering new stuff anyway it might help to get some MTS or Smooth.

Well I’ve just recently started venturing out from just vaping tobacco flavors, and have discovered I’m loving the sweet desert type juices, especially the creamy ones with the thick mouth feel. I’d love to try some custards, but every recipe I find I seem to be missing ingredients.


Actually, I’ve been vaping store bought tobacco flavors for a number of years, and I’ve always gone for the ones with the cigarette like throat hit, so I don’t think I’m overly sensitive to it. Heck, I smoked for 35 years until I discovered vaping and was finally able to give it up. The single flavor fruit ones I’ve mixed seem to have more of an irritating throat hit though. Sort of like an itching feeling. As far as steeping, the reason I started doing some single flavor mixes with the fruits is because I was told fruits didn’t really need to steep. They were pretty much shake and vape. At least that’s what I’ve been told. I should also add that even after a few days steeping, the single fruits don’t seem to have improved at all.

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It’s okay. We all have different perceptions. Most fruits, even as a shake and vape, will have certain aspects that mellow out over time. Some people notice and some don’t. I can relate to the unpleasant tickle kind of throat hit. I’ve had that a few times. I wish could tell you more about how to counteract it but I haven’t found a way yet either. :slightly_frowning_face:

Big thanks for posting the recipes. Will definitely give the Sassy Strawberry a try right now. Any idea on steep time?

Have you tried mixing a single flavor fruit without nicotine? It would narrow down whether its your nicotine that is harsh or giving a bad taste.

Think with creams and custards @ least a week

But you can always try a little after mixing . Some recipes are shake n vape…

But for this one I’d say a week.


Here’s a dragon fruit . Different manufacturer thou

No haven’t tried it without nicotine. However, I am only mixing at 3mg, and it’s a brand new bottle of nicotine. I’m vaping a Cinnamon Toast Crunch using my base, and the flavor shot I purchased at my local Red Star vape shop, and I’m not getting that throat tickle, so I can’t see it being the nicotine I’m using.

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Seems obvious but you havn’t stated if you have tried the “What Can I Make” feature… First establish “My Flavor Stash”… It could help.



Go to my page, my stash, update your flavor profile and then what can I make?
and you can highlight flavors until you find a mix of recipes that other people have made with them.

Awesome concept


Great, thanks for the advise. I’ll definitely check those threads out. Wish I’d known about them sooner.

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Nope, hadn’t tried it, but to be honest, didn’t even know that existed until a couple of you just suggested it. Just filled out my flavor list, and came up with a number if simple recipes to try. Thanks again for the great advice.

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