Help me fix this recipe

Hey all… trying again since I ran out of juice and decided to mix some while I wait for shipping. I tried to do this one back in January and haven’t gotten anywhere with it:

There’s definitely something about those flavors together that could work… Got the idea when mixing some cucumber mint seltzer with various different juice flavors for drinks. I think I also want to work some Lime Tahity in there as well. I think it’s just cap honeydew that sucks but open to some ideas for this one.


I am not familiar with any of these exact flavors, but I do know mint is very strong and gets stronger with steeping. Maybe try one with less mint?
Again, I’m no expert, but that’s my 2 cents.
Happy vaping!


The CAP cool mint is ok. It’s actually pretty subtle and just minty enough at the current ratio.


I could be any number of things.

I would swap mallow tpa for fa to remove a distracting flavor.

And for mint…you may want to try a few different mints rather than the cap variant.


I didnt know a mint could be subtle!
Learned something new! Thank you!
(No sarcasm intended, but type ng it out makes it seem that way)


haha if you’ve never used cucumber in anything, literally everything else becomes subtle.


Flavor West has a cucumber mint that I find quite pleasant.


Interesting… is it overpowering on either the cucumber or mint flavors? I’d like to be able to tweak them individually but if both are even enough in it that might be a good option. Then I just need to find a solution for the honeydew…


Wont cucumber make honeydew (or other fruits) tasted more “green”? I tried it with tfa honeydew to try to tame it. It just tasted “green” (not ripe enough? Like the green part between the body and skin of honeydew “green”)

granted, seeing the recipe, maybe i used cucumber fa too high at 0,5%

Edit : sorry, my mistake. I used fa cucumber at 1% there. Not helping you much, is it?


Mostly minty.

What are you using the cucumber for? Juiciness?


When brewing your beverages did you use the lemon juice or the lemon peel? Lemon Sicily (FA) would be more “peel” and maybe less “acid” than Lemon, Juicy (CAP). To uncover the “wrench” drop one flavor at a time, no subs. Then maybe find a similar flavor to sub (like the Lemon above) …now I want one of these cocktails :wink: tho I must have missed the Titos (TX) 40% in your linked recipe


They do work well together… I made this one back in June… It just might be the concentrate brand.

I Dew Q (Gmix)

Ingredient %
Cucumber (MF) 0.70
Honeydew Melon (MF) 0.80
Lemon (MF) 0.09
Mint (MF) 0.09

Flavor total: 1.68%

Remember to rate it at!

@Pro_Vapes yes I think it’s probably the brands… I’m really not liking the CAP honeydew. I’ll snag these and see if I can fix it up. How’s the MF honeydew compared to others? I’m trying to find the really pronounced honeydew flavor that some of the big juice makers use.

@BoDarc lemon sicily is actually a good call as I want to have a bit more pronounced lemon flavor (iirc that is closer to limon cello type flavoring which would be good), though I’m really liking lime tahity so I might use that instead. And yes, the cocktails are good. Cucumber mint seltzer, splash of limeade and/or lemonade (or just lime/lemon concentrate), shot of midori or other melon liquor/juice, shot or two of vodka (I’m not as accurate when making drinks…). Another good one is just cucumber mint lemonade: Muddle mint in water, peel/chop cucumbers let sit for a few hours/overnight and add to that fresh squeezed lemon juice + simple syrup, then blend (w/ ice for frozen drink). Some inspiration for summer time vapes :slight_smile:

@delltrapp @TheTinMan, the cucumber flavor is pronounced, not really a supporting flavor. Definitely something you can distinctly taste in this profile.


Nah your good and yes you’re correct, (FA) cucumber can bring out the more “unripeness” (<- is that a word? Lol) of flavors already containing it. I use it between .15-.35 in my lemonades during summer, at that percentage it only adds that “freshness” to the mix but not necessarily cucumber flavor.

.5-1.5% as you mentioned will do that, but unfortunately in combination with certain melons, mangos, bananas brings also out the not very desired green note, if it’s in the flavor somewhere.

My post has nothing to do with OPs post but I thought I type it to reassure @delltrapp here :wink:

Move on guys lol


Ooh @Pro_Vapes sigh… while I have a few MF flavors, the price of a total buy-in keeps me away. Clearly you can see it’s cheaper in the long run when you are adding 1-5 drops of each flav to make a 30ml. Meanwhile my struggle has always been to get all the cross Brands to play nice and you can easily deduce so has everyone else. Recipes like this make it noticeable how that “struggle” seems self-inflicted. Not news on ELR as Medicine Flower has a strong presence here.

In 2018 I have been trying to stick with singular brands within recipes with minor exceptions (like Marshmallow (FA). Makes sense that Manufacturers are test mixing their own products within their own product line to validate a new flavors viability. Evidence like the Flavorah Recipe Book speaks to this idea …surely FlavourArt Italy isn’t designing new flavor lines by testing if they play nice with Capellas or TFA. The $truggle is Real!


I’d have to add in some tangerine FLV :stuck_out_tongue:

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