Help me make a flavour

Hello everyone.

I recently started making my own e juice and so far not so good as I cannot come up with any good juices. The main reason for that is I had no particular flavour I wanted to achieve when I ordered the flavour concentrates and I guess that is why I cannot get anything good out of my dyi e juices.
Since it’s friday and I just placed an order for a few flavour concentrates for the sucker punch clone recipe that I saw on this website but I won’t get them untill Tuesday so I wanted to stop by and ask you guys what e juice I could make with the flavours that I currently have:
TPA Banana
TPA Whipped Cream
Inawera Biscott
Inawera Honey

Now that I think of it, what the hell was I hoping to achieve with these certain flavours… holy smokes
I tried different combinations that I don’t even remember anymore(should’ve written every single one down but I’m obviously stupid enough not to do it) and I didn’t even like a single one of them even after a few days of steeping and also shake n vape.
Would be helpful if any of you guys have experience with those flavours and could offer some help.
Thank you in advance and keep on vapin!

That looks good all together.

Go here:

On the “resources” tab … click on “flavors”

Enter those flavors in the search bar and see what the “average mix in recipes” is…

And then use the percentage “most people” use as your percentage.

That might be delicious.


If you entered them into the flavor stash correctly, you will be able to use the “what can I make” button, to see all the recipes on here that you can create with your flavors.
Enter them like this for example
Banana (TPA)
As you start typing the flavor name, it should pop up with options, find the one that is your flavor and check the small green number to the side of it, that is how many recipes that flavor has, so choose the matching flavor of that brand with the highest number for better results.