Help me out!

Hey guys
Ive started to make my own E-liquid so I might need your help.
I have Black label PG with (6mg nico), black label VG with (6mg nico)
Aroma: pink mule secret blue blueberries. How do I mix it for best flavour so it tastes amazing in a 10 ml bottle or 30 ml bottle?


First off, good job on starting to DIY and welcome!

Which country do you reside in?


Thanks dude :wink:

Ok, so the “Aroma” states “Use from 10-15% in your base

Your base will need to be worked out from your VG/PG but as it has Nic in it already im not sure how to do that…

What Nic do you want to vape? 3mg 6mg 12mg?

Can you post links to your products please in the first post?


Ideally you want your VG & PG (0 nic) and your Nicotine (48mg/ml - 72mg/ml) separate

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Yup black label PG as you linked and blue label VG

I bought 500 ml each with nicotine so I’ll buy them separately next time😅


I prefer 6 mg

if your Nic base is only 6mg, anything you add to it will dilute the Nicotine. If you want a 6mg eliquid mix you have to start out higher like at 12mg or 36 and then dilute it down to 6mg with the flavors and PG/VG with no nic. let me find the link to the begginers guide for ya…


about halfway down his first post he talks about Nicotine base and a quick little blurb about how to estimate what strength to get. Welcome! and Happy Mixing!!


What Jayrell Said :slight_smile:


Hope you have your problems worked out. Not sure if you found this information on the site:
Might be a good idea to refresh your knowledge.


Welcome to the club, and congrats on starting the journey :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help guys, really appreciated :blush:
He says in his beginners guide, that your desired level of nicotine (which in my case is 6 mg) and then he says the strength of the nicotine concentrate… I don’t get that part


The problem you will have is that @6mg/ml strength you will always end up with finished liquid that’s less than 6mg/ml because the flavour concentrates will dilute it further. So if your adding 10% flavour then you’ll be diluting the mixture by 10%…e.g.

It would end up @ 5.4mg/ml strength.

Does that make sense? :thinking::blush:

I see what u mean😋 Thanks !
But I have a final question😂 I still don’t know how to mix my stuff… you see, I don’t have PG,VG and nicotine separate, I have 500 ml PG with 6 mg nic and 500 ml VG with 6 mg nic.

The guides I’ve read have VG PG and nic separated, so really I can’t use them ATM. :sweat_smile:
If someone could make a simple recipe with my stuff in a 10/30 ml bottle, I would really appreciate it :pray:t5:

I suggest you make it like this …

Btw, we have a Danish FB group

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Aight thanks bro! I’ll try that one out :blush:

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I think I know whats confusing you. You have PG and VG with nic. You can use one or the other to make your recipe but not both.
This Calc. I think makes it clear:
Try filling it out and take a snap shot to confirm correctness --then could post.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/7/8/78bfdf850c0cc06c61187ca456d2b2e3a2db331c.PNG" width="281" height="499">

I don’t know if I’ve done it correct