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Help me out


Help me! I just got my first rdta and realized my juices suck!



Did they suck before your first RDTA?



I certainly didn’t think so. I put what i thought was my favorite in it and blah

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Could you explain what blah is, we might have a easier time helping if we can figure out the actual problem. Might be just the Atty, build or wicking instead of the juice etc.



i was the same way and still enjoy sub ohm tanks lol , what really changed the performance for was the cotton , until i started using cotton bacon v2 i hated rda/ rdta



There is flavor, just not very good. Maybe just some better recipes?

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When asking a question, it’s always helpful if you give as much info as possible…
which rdta?
which recipe?
what coil(s) are you using?
what wattage are you vaping on?
what are you using for wick?
issue with just 1 recipe or is it with every juice you try?
what were you using before?



I went through that as well, it is very different doing rebuilds vs. Premade coils. Don’t give up! Try different wire, cotton, gauges of wire or builds…it all makes a difference!



Bout the same thing here, was using sterile cotton balls, Maxi Pads( j/k), kenjo, more Japanese cotton. Since I’ve found Cotton Bacon,which has been gotta be almost 2yrs ago. I ain’t looked back, no break in time,well let me rephrase that
Usually after the first or second vape she’s ready to go. Don’t have to wait for 10 minutes for the Juice to Saturate the Cotton. I wonder if they’ve came out with a V3 yet ? I really stocked up, I caught a awesome sale $1.99 a pouch and bought several pouches. As good as it is I’m Still in the habit of changing out when I change profiles. Flava For Dayz…



@mrauber7 Like mentioned above, please provide some details about your juice, RDTA, etc. At first I thought maybe you had gotten a good (revealing) RDTA and maybe you were tasting the juices more accurately than before. I don’t know for sure, but details will help a lot. Depending on which RDTA you bought there can be tricks and tips in getting the best flavor. Coil types and cotton can matter, but airflow around the coil DEF. can matter.

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I used cotton bacon v2, it was eh. Used native wick, liked it better…

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Its called cotton bacon prime. That’s v3.



I’m using native wick. Re-wicked yesterday due to some un vapable juice i made lingering. I have a mix right now that is better! Not awesome but i can at least somewhat enjoy my new purchase. I got the Limitless rdta. How was i going to tell my wife i was out $50 and still need to grab a couple coils.



Cool !! Is there much difference ? If so what is the difference other than probably price lol



I have no idea, I pif’d over 50 packs of cb2 last year and switched to kendo vape cotton gold and never looked back.

If we go by just the advertising apparently it wicks faster and better. You would have to ask people that use it if its true lol.



Then you’ve had more success than I did… I’ve tried everything I could think of with this rdta and it’s still a disappointment, very little and weird flavor. I bought it because it got good ratings but I still don’t understand why.



I’m really trying to like this thing! My move was due to spending on coils…but man. I’m gonna keep experimenting. It had yo get good reviews for a reason right?



I bought a limitless plus due to outstanding reviews and being an older model I thought that the still ongoing hype and rave must indicate that its amazing. It was my first rebuildable and let me say this, if I weren’t eager enough and like to experience I would have gone right back to sub ohm tanks with factory coils. While they suck! Belive it or not I got more enjoyment from that than the limitless, which hit the trash can a week later, that’s also how I learned not to trust the big YouTube names out there and started to rely more on forums, people that actually bought stuff and tested it more than 30 minutes, in comparison to people that got them free and were on a review deadline. Not everybody tho but the majority.

I do hope for you that you enjoy that RDTA because I know how it feels when wasting money, and not wanting to admit it lol, but I do not have high hopes.



Same here no matter what only taste Tobaccos. Top airflow no flavor. I got 2 Herkales coming this week, bottom air flow should be able to taste Flavor. Really tired of dripping in order to get some Flavor. RDA is fine for around the house.



Ok! I have had this limitless rtda for a couple weeks now. Running off a geekvape aegis. I changed the type of wick from the original post from whatever the store built for me to native wicks. I bought some one shot flavoring from cheeba steeba through wizard labs. My opinion has changed. I love it now! The flavor has been great and i love the hit. I have learned however there is a time and a place for an rtda. My pocket during a meeting is not one of them. I still carry the sheild that came with the aegis for on the go, work, and meeting stuff!

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