Help me with my Jenny clone

Hello again. I am working through a clone to get as close as I can to Silverback Jenny

So far I have a base that is “vapable” but is not as close as I would like and I’m wondering about some suggestions.

I am looking for a deeper candy note for the mix, I found that if I added too much TFA strawberry, it really accentuates the rind flavor in the watermelon and it just tastes like leaves and unripe strawberry/watermelon rind.

I added in the apple to give TFA watermelon a little more of a juicy flavor - as per some tips from the Noted series. I’m not 100% sold on the idea but it did add some sweetness to the mix.

What do you think it could use? I want to get more of a candy flavor while keeping that rind flavor at bay.

Cap sweet strawberry was used in an earlier mix but it came out too creamy.

Any help or suggestions would be completely appreciated!


I’ve never had this particular commercial juice but based on what you’re describing for what you want, I have a few recommendations:

Switch apple for pear (adds juiciness) or FA cucumber (accents melons and adds juiciness) and I would suggest you halve that menthol unless you’re going for a kick in the teeth strength of menthol…

Besides, if you go too high on most flavors, they begin to mute themselves, which at 5% isn’t likely, but it may be muting other flavors.

Maybe try CAP cantaloupe with your watermelon? It’s supposed to lend a sort of candy melon to other melons at low percentages…dragonfruit is supposed to bring out strawberry, too.

One other thing you could try is FA Candy/Jammy Wizard to give you that “candy” hint. Don’t go crazy with it, though. Just like 0.5-1.00%.


Thanks for the tips. I wish I could nail it down on what I’m tasting in the mix, I just know what I am not in my personal mix. I hadn’t heard that about the dragon fruit and that candy note may be a really good place to turn to.

I’m still trying to nail it down and menthol is weird with how it interacts. I actually increased it in the mix because the commercial had a lot more than what I was getting and 5% seems to be the sweet spot where it gets the same amount as the commercial juice without getting medicinal or overly cooling. But it certainly could bring some mud to the other flavors at that level. If that is the case then I am simply using the wrong flavors in TFA- both TFA strawberry and especially the watermelon are a bit more muted than other flavors and could easily get lost in the mix.

I tried them higher but they were muting themselves as you said, so I opted for 3% and 2% respectively to make sure they carried through. Just some musing about the process^


Try it with lower percentage. If it needs more, then gradually add more and try it, as you go, until you’ve reached your desired results…


How did you make out with this, @Element4 ?


I had to table it for a while. I got really busy with my final semester of undergrad and studying for the MCAT. I’ll probably pick it back up next month and give it another go. I’m much more confident in my mixing now and I have a lot of things to try from all the suggestions I got from you.


Well, I hope you did well! Good luck with your mixing. Let us know how it went!


I was curious how you made out with this recipe? I use Jenny in my sub ohms and Sandy in my sqounks and RTAs . I wanted to try and remove the menthol to achieve the Sandy.


Hi, I never got it to where I was happy with it, and unfortunately Silver changed their formula somewhere along the line too so I can’t even find the old juice that I liked better.

I haven’t looked at it in a while but if my memory serves I got really close on the strawberry but my watermelon was completely weird. It was missing a bit of candy note and I was either going nuts with menthol or too little.

I ended up adapting my own work and making a super candy version that tastes nothing like the original but I was happy with.