Help mixing nicotine

Last time I bought nicotine it was 36 mg. But this time it is 60 mg and 75% PG/25% VG. I want my e-juice to be 1.5 to 1.8 mg and 70/30 PG/VG. How do I figure this out and mix it with PG and VG to be used for my juice???

The cool thing about this calculator is you just put in what you have, what you want, and it tells you how to mix it.

Uhm… Just create a recipe, inputting your target strength to 1.5 and your nicotine strength to 60 - adjust your desired PG/VG ratio and make sure to check off “Make these base values default” - save, and you’re good to go. Next time you create a recipe, the strength and ratio should be there already :smile:


Where is the calculator? I looked on the resource page and couldn’t find it there. :smile:


daath has a link for you and so does JoJo, once you get moving around the site it will become second nature,hang in there you will get it!

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Thanks so much. I used the calculator in “Create Recipe” and it worked so easily for me. Wow. It is wonderful.


fantastic! May I offer a bit of advice and suggest starting with 10 ml batches first, as not to waste, then you can tweak with the little bit of bottle space left, once you master a recipe then you can start on the 30 ml that you got. (Sorry you paid so much for them)


Watched a video earlier where they suggested making new mixes without nicotine to start.

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That’s what I do.

I made a 5ml sample last night of Raspberry and PepperMint.

Shake and Vape and it’s pretty good.

Just wicked my Plume Veil and tested it.

Another thing I always do too is a small blob of juice on the finger and taste it even with nicotine it isn’t going to hurt you but may leave a lingering little burning sensation if you’re vaping anything higher than 6ish mg.


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What do you set the drop’s per ml at using this calculator?

Are you asking where to input drops/ml or how many drops are in a ml? For the first, make sure your preferences are set to use drops, then you should be able to input the drops/ml in at the bottom. To set your preferences to drops if they’re not already, go up to User, preferences, and toward the middle it says “Measure in drops or grams” with two radio buttons for drops or grams. If the latter, it varies depending on your dropper and viscosity—an ml can be anywhere from 15-30 drops.

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