Help My DIY Juice Tastes Like Tangy Water!

Hi guys i found a recipe online for pineapple and mango ejuice because i love pineapples and all the pineapple juices i buy have a garbage undertone which i dont like so i found a recipe that uses inawera pineapple and VT Sugar Loaf because i heard they taste very accurate and upon mixing my recipe i can taste a pure pineapple flavour that could be amazing but the flavour is really mute unlike its smell which is very strong and there is absolutely no sweetness to it and has a slight sour back round so it all comes together to taste like tangy water with a hint of potentially a life changing pineapple flavour ive posted the recipe used its a salt nic recipe for 100ml at 20mg nic i just want more sweetness and taste out of it any advice is appreciated!


Did you let it steep? Most juices are pretty weak right off the shake.
Posting recipes in % will get more responses probably. Personally I’m way too lazy to look up mls and convert to % to give further advise as far as content strength.
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Hi total flavours are 10.5% each ml represents a % as its a batch of 100ml its been steeping for a week.


Pull about 15ml off and taste again in 3 days and pull off another 15ml and add a bit of sweetener and/or sour. Large batch mixes steep slower; next time you do a big batch pull off 30ml so some will steep faster. Most fruit mixes are better if enhanced a touch; just 0.1-0.5% can make a difference.


Thanks will do will the sweetener lift the flavour profile up a bit?


Yes, adds a pop, drop or two of sour will as well. When using FLV sweetness I use 1-2 drops per 30ml. SSA vanilla sugar I use 0.1-0.5%. I’m not big on very sweet juices so I stay pretty low most of the time. Sweeteners generally don’t need a steep so you can just add a drop or two to the 15ml sample, taste and repeat until you find a sweet spot for level of sweet that fits you. Once you get a decent steep on the unsweetened sample you can decide what concentrates you want to tweak and add sweetener to the larger batch. Don’t forget if you tweak the flavors you’ll need to steep again. Easier to start with smaller batches and taste/tweak before mixing a larger batch.