Help,need a nice vanilla custard recipe for my daily vape

Been trying to come up with a nice vanilla custard juce to use daily but I’m not getting anywhere,I want to make up 100ml bottles at a time with 3mg nic and 70/30 ish,cheers guys

Are you looking for a straight custard only recipe or a fruity custard?

Not strictly a vanilla custard, but once mixed will play that role well, easy to mix,
gets the job done.
Here you go:

Mustard Milk - Simple diketone-free Strawberries and Cream

Ingredient %
Cream Fresh (FA) 1
French Vanilla (TPA) 2
Strawberry (TPA) 6
Vanilla Bean Gelato (TPA) 4

Flavor total: 13%

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If you really want the original you can find it from there.


Try either my G Vanilla Custardy II - it’s not that special, and it requires a minimum of two weeks steep - a month is better. I’ve vaped this for a year and a half, every day :stuck_out_tongue: So to me, it does …something :smiley:

Or maybe try Third World Custard or Creamy Caramel Custard by ThirdWorldOrder - They seem to be popular :smile:

There are a few more custard-heads here you might want to hear from :smile:


I have a few custards in my recipe list bud that are public my personal fav is the strawberry and vanilla custard pie mmm nomnom hahah

My friends adore the tutti frutti vanilla custard one for some reason it just works

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Cheers guys will give all those a go😀

Well something like this would be tasty, it is one of my early custard recipes and i enjoyed it much:

5% Vanilla Custard (CAP) V1
1% Cheesecake (LA)
1% Vanillin (TFA)
1% Simply Vanilla (CAP)
.5% Sweet Cream (TFA)
1% Caramel (CAP)

I only drip so you may want to adjust it if you use tanks. This was an attempt at an ADV that wouldnt cause vape tongue to quickly. It also makes a nice base for fruits if you add a bit of Bavarian Cream (LA).


Both of these are excellent and i have vaped them plenty.

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Hi,don’t mind just looking for a daily vape😀

Not sure what ya have but these are a few of my favorites I have posted on ELR;

Floating Island

Ingredient %
Cookie (FA) 2.5
Cream Fresh (FA) 1.8
Malted Milk (TPA) 0.5
Nugat (INAWERA) 1
Shisha Vanilla (INAWERA) 1.2
Vanilla Bean Gelato (TPA) 3
Vienna Cream (FA) 3.2

Flavor total: 13.2%

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Shisha Red Hatter

Ingredient %
Caramel (Flavorah) 1.5
Catalan Cream (FA) 3
Cheesecake (MBV) 5
Cream Fresh (FA) 1
Graham Cracker (MBV) 1
Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA) 2.5
Shisha Strawberry (INAWERA) 2
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 5
Vanilla Custard (Flavorah) 2
Vienna Cream (FA) 2.4

Flavor total: 25.4%

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Peach Kiwi Swirl

Ingredient %
Kiwi Double (TPA) 2.8
Peach (INAWERA) 1.8
Vanilla Custard (Flavorah) 2
Vanilla Custard (TPA) 1
Vanilla Swirl (TPA) 3
White Peach (FA) 1.2
Yellow Peach (CAP) 1.6

Flavor total: 13.4%

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Ingredient %
Caramel (Flavorah) 1.5
Catalan Cream (FA) 4
Cheesecake (MBV) 4.5
Cream Fresh (FA) 1
Graham Cracker (MBV) 1
Vanilla Custard (Flavorah) 2
Vienna Cream (FA) 2

Flavor total: 16%

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Oma's Apple

Ingredient %
Biscuit (INAWERA) 0.5
Brown Sugar Extra (TPA) 0.5
Cookie (FA) 0.5
Fuji Apple (FA) 1
Lavender (FA) 2
Meringue (FA) 1.5
Shisha golden apple (INAWERA) 2
Shisha Vanilla (INAWERA) 1

Flavor total: 9%

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