Help, Need Recipe for my flavours

Hello? I need recipe for my existing flavs.
Tfa Strawberry
Tfa French Vanilla DX
Tfa Vanilla bean gellato
TFA Sweetner
TFA marshmallow
FA fresh cream
Think Blackberry
Think Dragon Fruit .
Althem that i hv got yesterday. And i confuse to start mixing lol.
Share your recipes coz im new in brewing. Hehe
Sorry for my bad english. Ty :slight_smile:

People will recommend trying single recpie flavors. Yup. If you can do that that would be good way to go.

Other than that. If you said. If there is a demand for knowledge of the top of my head for a starting point to learn…
Ripe strawberry tpa 5%
Fresh cream FA 0.65%
Marshmallow tpa 1%
Vbic tfa 2%

The strawberry may be still low. I would add 2% strawberry FA if I had it…to get a fuller strawberry

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Maybe something like:

French Vanilla DX (TFA) 2%
Vanilla Bean Gelato (TFA) 2%
Marshmallow (TFA) 0.5%
Fresh Cream (FA) 0.5%
Blackberry 4%-5%
Dragofruit 0.25%
[if it’s not sweet enough, after it steeps, add 1 drop of Sweetener (TFA) per 20ml to start]

Give it at least 2 weeks to age (steep)

No worries about your English, many here that only speak English…don’t speak it very well. :smile_cat:


Do you think it’s need 2 weeks steep for first steeping. Btw it’s many layers so i think it’s perfect hahaa. Ill try to make 30 ml for that. So many thanks. I’ll update after steeping. Or may i ask ur line id ? Or instagram?

Oooh i see. Can i swap VBIC with bean gellato?

Yup. It’s what I mean my to type. Remember, first mixes are experiments. Meant to teach what we like.

Don’t forget to shake the hell out of your concentrates at every poor.

With any [creams] it will 95% change with aging [steeping]
I hope you like Blackberry [I do] because I am sure you will find a strong tone of it in my suggestion mix.
Any mix with creams, custards, milks, etc. may very well take more than a month of aging to get the true flavor.
Before vaping was invented, I made flavors to bake with. The flavors sold on the market were very similar to e-juice sold to vape. Many, many times, the flavors sold to get the right, exact flavor a baker wanted in…a muffin…was like making your own yeast culture to achieve a certain flavor or texture, and you could only get what you wanted by making your own. All pastries have hidden formulas, and if you think bread is bread, think again, because simple bread has hidden ingredients. Baking, old apothecary, or e-juice…no difference really. Most secrets to good cultures to use for flavors come from aging, fermenting, time and patience, and a great recipe from Grandma …that was handed down from her Grandma [or Great-Grandma]. We live now, in a society, that expects immediate results, but when given, pay the price for quality. Sorry, but that is the best advice I have, but history repeats itself in so many areas of our lives, and the best flavors, wherever you achieve them from, are included in the way that history has passed them down for our palate to enjoy.


Thank you very nuch, now i will try to more patient when brewing. You are so good. :grinning:

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You may already know this but if you enter your flavors in to your profile it will help find recipes. The page that would have all your recipes … go to user …then flavor stash. When you enter them in just make sure you pick the one with the highest number. Then you can search “what can I make”. It will bring up all the available recipes with the flavors you have. Like I said maybe you already know this but if not it’s very helpful. If you have any questions feel free to ask.