Help needed please

Due to some issues I’ve not been able to restock flavours.
Atm I have
Chocolate brownie fa
White chocolate fa
Peanut butter fa
Bavarian cream mv
Custard mv

My vg pg mix is 90/10 any idea on what I can make with these please

You could just settle on making Single Flavor mixes. Perhaps Chocolate/Peanut Butter or White Chocolate/ Custard/ Bavarian. Although the thought of a Peanut Butter Custard is somewhat intriguing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Good Luck & Good Mixing


Add the flavors to your stash (on the recipe side), then click on the “What can I make?” button.

Personally I’d give a shot at a white chocolate peanut butter cup. Might even add some custard to it!

Oh! And I’ve had brownies with peanut butter in them, so there’s another one!
And those are just off the top of the head.


All of those in a recipe would make a yummy dessert!! Otherwise, the previous mentions sound good as well!


The peanut custard does sound interesting. Will make that tonight.


I’ve added to stash but it comes up with recipes that include multiple other flavours that I don’t have. But your ideas sound good will be making them tonight will post back how they turn out


TMAXX has a peanut butter custard that is fantastic. If you have a favorite PB you should try mixing it with your favorite custard.

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