Help needed with Anarchist White

Since in germany due to the soon to be introduced tax on eliquids shortfills will probably be unaffordable, so I’ve started mixing of Anarchist White.

The safety data sheet states a flavor content of <=25%. The flavor mixture consists of three components: Marshmallow, Graham Cracker and Vanilla Custard. Unfortunately, the individual components are then not further specified, which is understandable. The rest is PG and VG.

I’m mixing with Capella flavors on 10 ml filling quantity. But with steep time and so on the progress is really slow. Anyone has a few ideas to speed up the process or even want to work with it to lift the mystery of Anarchist White.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Seems pretty straight forward, my guess is there will also be Sweetner in the mix as well.
Marshmallow 2%
Graham Cracker 3% ~ 4%
Vanilla Custard 6%
That should get you started, then just dial it in to your palate.


Can you tell me more about this? Looks like I’m going to live there again after the summer.


Thanks for your tips. As far as I know, each component must be specified in the MSDS. But I will try Sweetener in the next round. Can you recommend me one?

From July 1, 2022 there will be a tax of 0,16€ per milliliter of liquid. This will increase to 0.32€ per milliliter by 2026.
Everything points to the fact that Base will also be taxed. 1 liter of Base which costs about 10€ will then be taxed in 2021 with 160€ and in 2026 with 320€.
The price for the customer for 1 liter of Base will then be about 400€.


Well, you can stick with Capella & acquire their Super Sweet.
I don’t use added Sweetners in my DIY mixes.


WOW @JackInDaBox that really ADDS UP.

I wish I HAD tried the Anarchist White you mentioned, as I love Custard, Marshmallow AND Graham Cracker.

I have no clue if it is comprised of CAP flavors or not, but I think I’m going to work on this.


Wow that sounds totally ridiculous and therefore believable. Just a different approach I guess. Looks like I’ll have to bunker more nicotine base before I move to Germany. PG/VG and the flavourings should be fine hopefully due to their other uses. But that sounds like the end of vape shops.
Do you know if that is a German thing or a EU policy?


Capella I have only taken since I had just found them in a sale :slight_smile:

Liquid tax applies to all substitutes, that’s what they call it (base, shots, flavor, longfill, shortfill). In Germany they call it earmarking (Zweckbindung).
I don’t know if that’s what they call it in English. My English is too rusty for that.

Another example of the tax would be e-Liquid. A 10 ml bottle costs about 3 € now. In the first step then 5 € and then in the last step 8 - 9 €. None of our manufacturers know how to act at the moment. Our whole industry is hanging in the air right now. Or an even netter example. One bottle of Anarchist White will cost around 50€ or more.

At the end of the year, the EU deals with the tax. Then there will probably be a Europe-wide tax soon. But nobody knows what that will look like. Then there is also talk of a possible ban on flavorings. Sooner or later, we will be driven into the black market here in Europe.


Somebody stole/sold our countries and we were (and still are) too ignorant to recognize that. Just sayin’