Help needed with coils - knowing when to install a new coil (for tanks)

I have enjoyed learning this new hobby that has kept me off cigs for 35 days as of today, but I am having a difficult time understanding when I need to replace the coils in my tanks. I have a Kanger Sub Mini, two eleaf melos and a crazy (but good) tron tank that came with my eivc vtc mini.

My problem is that I sometime get a burnt taste from my juices and I’m not sure if its because I switch juices regularly without changing the coils before I do. I get vapors tongue sometimes and have read up on that and feel like I understand what to do to recover my taste (stay hydrated, smell coffee, vape menthol, etc). Is burnt taste a symptom of vapor tongue?

Is it possible to wash or clean coils rather than discard them?

I use the evic vtc mini and an eleaf Istick pico eclusively and I think they are both great. Im just too much of a novice to know if this is normal or if i am doing something wrong.

I just want to enjoy a good vape as often as possible and its very challenging sometimes to do so. Not knowing when or if I need to discard a coil and install a new one.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



I usually get between 1 to 2 weeks from a coil if I’m using the same juice in that tank. I put different flavors in different tanks rather than mixing it on a coil. If it’s been around a week or so and your mixing flavors it’s probably the coil. Some people wash them in a ultrasonic bath. Personally I just consider a part of the cost of the hobby and change the coil. The juice costs more than the coil and I’d rather enjoy all of it.

If cost of coils is a burden you may want to look into the RBA section on the Kanger tank. I can’t speak to the Melo or Trons as I don’t have them. I’m pretty sure @ozo will pop in soon and give you tips on the Kanger RBA. Good luck and enjoy!


Welcome @CraigCorrigan. You can lengthen coil life by not vaping the juice all the way down. The cotton on the top of the coil can get dryer and instantly burn. Once the cotton gets burned, you taste it …permanently.

The cotton can also get gunked up… different juices vaporize differently because of their ingredients. Sweet vapes often have sucralose that makes like a crispy coating on the wire of your coil, others seem to effect the cotton more quickly. I always say it’s somewhat subliminal when it’s time for a new coil … you just stop enjoying it.

It is possible to clean coils, but the price of an ultrasonic washer can buy you many packs of coils. I have an Ultrasonic but it doesn’t really return them to like-new status and you only get (maybe) a few extra days (I stash them for emergencies) …there’s nothing like a fresh coil!

I’d recommend stocking up on a few packs of coils while you learn about other atomizers and making your own coils and wicking (search on ELR!) The most important thing is not going back to cigarettes and that means making sure you enjoy vaping, so just pop in a new coil when it stops being “good” and never vape your Kanger tanks dry. I even stay just at the top of the coil body …you just have to fill more often


I’m not sure what kind of coils come with those tanks, I’m guessing they’re kanthal. I have a couple minis but haven’t used them in a while so I don’t remember how long they lasted. You might consider getting coils that are SS or Titanium and using temp control on the evic. That will usually help prevent you from burning the wick because it doesn’t allow the coil to fire if it is dry. I have a crown with the 0.25 and 0.5 ohm SS coils that I love. It works nicely on the evic vtc mini in temp control and the coils usually last a month. I change them when they start tasting bad or when they’re not producing much vapor.

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Just switched colis and the taste is 100% better. Thanks for the info. Just needed some guidance and I agree its less expensive than wasting good juice. Good point!


Thanks BoDarc. Good info. I often vape to the bottom of my tank and that is most likely the cause.


Temp control seems to be the new thing. I learned to use my device on wattage and thats what I use. I would love to learn how to use temp and not have to replace the coils for a month.

Any thoughts on ceramic coils? Taste differences? Do they last longer?

As a former Kangertech Nano Topbox user I can tell you that’s old technology now, even tho it’s still very popular. Even the new single battery mods crush the Nano which had TC options but they were some of the first TC mods and they fail to deliver enjoyable TC vaping. Some of the latest Nano Starter kits came with ONE Stainless Steel wire SSOCC coil (pink O-ring base). People loved them but KangerTech never widely distributed them and you could not get replacements.

They ARE available from one place and they charge full retail. I just bought some recently and use them in my Topbox and Kanger Mini tanks on my DNA[200} mod, my Cuboid, and my eLeaf Pico in Temp Control …looking

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Thanks BoDarc. Even old technology is new to someone like me, new to vaping, but loving it and starting to learn the DIY process. I just want to keep things simple and keep my vaping costs low. I like good flavor and a moderate cloud production. Im not planning on entering any cloud competitions, so I just want to learn what the best setup is for me. All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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No worries! Take it slow, you have a singular goal. Remember you have all that $$ not spent on cigs to buy new vape gear …at least that’s what all of us tell ourselves :wink:


Yes $235 saved to date. LOL. I have been on a spending spree with vape hardware and now liquids to begin DIY. Its been fun. Im in the Atlanta, GA area and have probably visited 15 different stores in the last month. No real need to go in the stores though anymore because I buy everything online for at least 50% less. I do always try to buy something when they take the time to help me learn more about my new hobby.


Oh yeah. Surely we all sound like women explaining to the husband how much money we saved at the Shoe Sale :wink: Seriousness tho you will see saving once you can make a juice you love …consistently. Much to learn there, but you’re in the right place. Be sure to check out the “Good Deals” thread and the “Vape Mail” thread to see what/where many of us are getting the best deals on the best new stuff.


@CraigCorrigan, you may look into rebuildables. something like the Griffin 25 which is easy to build and forgiving on wicking. so easy to refill too. (check out the tons of good videos on YT)
i understand coild building is not for everyone. some of my buddies just don’t have the patience for it. but once i started moving to RTAs, flavor and the control on my vaping experience is at a whole new level

when do i know when i need to re-coil or re-wick. it’s when i get muted flavor, or burnt flavor, or the vape feels “too fumy / smoky” - and not the “white dense cloud” for a juice/coil combination that i know how it tastes and vapes. these are the signs i follow, regardless of when they happen (can be the next day for a coil, or couple weeks later … it really depends)

good luck and congrats on the amazing switch to vaping…

I would replace it when it starts tasting funny… trust me you’ll know!

It could also be that your liquid has too much sweetener/custard in it. This gives off a rather harsh burnt taste if the liquid is not being vapourised completely.